happy halloween!

what a very fun week we had leading up to halloween…

first, we got to go to our friends’ halloween party again.  she had a great time.  unlike last year where she wasn’t walking & we kept to ourselves.


then, we wore our costume to library time. had some snacks and “played” a few games.

she got to wear it next to her school party.  thursday morning we spent time in the gym, showing off at the costume parade, having snacks, playing with a ball pit, tunnels, bounce house, and riding on a hayride.  (this one did, indeed, have hay!)

friday (no costume) gramma & grampa came to visit!  and they got to come with us to music class on saturday.  how much fun to see all the little kids in their costumes! 


we also carved the pumpkin on saturday, and she liked helping……  and tasting!

surprisingly didn't mind the slime!

and sunday- well, of course she couldn’t wait!  (tho’ she had NO idea).  it wasn’t until after about 8 or 9 houses that she really started to get super SUPER excited!  she did very well.  we didn’t hold her at all (!!), and she even spoke (awfully quietly) to about half the houses.  The Mr. & i pretty much knew that the times spent practicing the “trick-or-treat!!” wouldn’t matter once people opened the door.

omg! can we GO already???

she hated for it to end, but didn’t mind when i promised her she could have a piece of candy & watch some Baby IQ (for some “down”time) before bed.

here, with a mouth full, she holds more "m's" than she's ever eaten in her life!

even better- she slept super well & woke in great spirits!

we already can’t wait til’ next year!     hope yours was happy….

happy by day; evil by night


4 Responses to happy halloween!

  1. Gramma & Grandpa says:

    Jovie was a prety cute bumblebee, if you ask me but I am somewhat biased,though! Pretty scary pumpkin.

  2. Meredith says:

    What a cute little bee! Glad she had such a good time!

  3. Steph says:

    Glad you all had a fun week!!! She’ll for sure come to love this time of year!

  4. Aunt Sophia says:

    That is an adorable outft! She sure looks like she is enjoying her candy!

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