we enjoyed ourselves this past friday at Zoo Atlanta.  it was quite a chilly day.  but we had been planning for literal months to go to the zoo w/ our friends.

turned out, our friends’ kid got sick, so we ended up just going alone.  it was a good time.  jovie’s favorite activity?  walking everywhere.  she didn’t mind the masses of 11 year olds crowding & crashing her space.  she just loved going from place to place on her own.

we rode her first merry-go-round.  she enjoyed the bench part.  she thought it was funny to watch for daddy!  (yes, i know!  The Mr. took a day off work!  can you believe it?)

blurry motion=wheee!

we had a picnic, and a piece of halloween candy, too.  it was a fun day, even if some of the more “famous” animals were sleeping.  (like the giraffe, the lion, the famous panda bears*…  even the gorilla wasn’t out until our 2nd pass).

she wasn’t the biggest fan of the petting zoo part.  well, not the petting part anyway.  here she is, being forced to pet the goat…  

"i don't wantoo"

then we saw they had brushes for the animals, and she was much happier… she went around and diligently “brushed” (read: touched) each animal real quick before moving on to the next one.  the pic we have of her with the sheep has dad’s hand in the way of her face. sorry.

it was fun, and i’m hoping we can keep everyone healthy & go again in the spring.  (of course, GA being GA… we totally coulda gone today- with a high of 77!)

*does anyone know what the big deal is about the panda?  there’s been a big stink here in ATL about the panda for years.  a couple of cubs have been born- i think one just the day before we got there even- and there’s panda cams and stuff.  we saw one sleeping on the video feed.  not sure that counts as an actual spotting at the zoo tho’!


One Response to zoo!

  1. Steph says:

    I’m thinking Pandas are still on “the list” and babies are rarely born in captivity….don’t quote me though!!! Glad ya’ll had a good day!

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