December is here

and about half over!

i’ve always enjoyed this time of year, and now that jovie is starting to get in on the fun, it’s even better!  (and i just have to say that The Mr. is even a little less grinchy this year, too!)

we had the opportunity to go to the aquarium w/ my friend again. (this is now jovie’s 3rd time).  it was good.  i don’t have a great shot of her, but i do like to showcase the differences:

flopsy still enjoys the fish

incidentally, her memory is still impressing us.  when i woke her up that day and told her we were going to the aquarium, she got a puzzled look on her face & tried to recall when we went the last time (january!).  she asked if “camera” was going to be there, and i have no doubt she really meant her cousin cameron.

we spend our days playing with our friends, going to music class on saturdays, library time, MOPS, and preschool.  we keep busy. 

here she is, when we got home from one of her friend’s birthday party:

12 days to christmas, y’all!

enjoy this time……


3 Responses to December is here

  1. Funky Boss says:

    I rather object to this Grinch as you name me, my dear.
    I’d like to respond, and I’ll do so right here.

    At thirty four years, I care little for toys
    And have no interest in all of that NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE!

    Traffic and lines are things I despise,
    Of which Suess never mentions, instead of making up lies.

    Down in Who-ville, things seem so grand and so great,
    But little do you know of Who-ville’s high murder rate!

    And what of the animal that gave his life for Roast Beast?
    He’ll have no Christmas this year, no not in the least!

    So have fun with all of your Hum-Zinger Zangers,
    Your Klingy-Klang-Klum-Klumer Klangers,

    And anything thing else made up for a rhyme,
    For my reflection here is true Christmas-time.

  2. Meredith says:

    Their memories are amazing! The aquarium looks like a lot of fun.

  3. […] you, hon!  your humor & manners are sure to go […]

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