saying thanks

yesterday, The Mr. went away again for a new client near boston.  luckily, this will be a very short travel-week.  he was home yesterday until he had to leave in the evening.

i was joking around with him, saying:  “why did i plan such a dinner for jovie and me when i also have to make fudge for her teachers??  that is just SO many dishes!”  (The Mr. is awesome, and when he’s home, he does 98.7% of the dishes)

Add to the fact that jovie has (have i mentioned?) figured out that she is TWO.  so i didn’t really look forward to peeling potatoes, making hamburger patties & then cooking it all [+ blackeyed peas] for supper while nobody (read: Daddy) would be home to, ahem, occupy her.

but of course, i did all that.  and she was just fine.  she read to herself and got away from the stove when appropriate, and didn’t whine at all.  then we enjoyed dinner together.  afterwards, i read to her for a few minutes, then i seized the opportunity to go ahead and do the dishes earlier than normal so that i’d be able to use the same pot for the fudge later.

while i was washing the dishes…  she came up to me, grabbed my legs and said:  “thanks for supper, mom*.”

The Mr. has taught her well.

Thank you, hon!  your humor & manners are sure to go far.

(*now, will someone please remind her that she is not yet a teenager, and Mommy is just fine?)


One Response to saying thanks

  1. Meredith says:

    Very polite! Little Elvis rarely says thank you unless prompted by Daddy.

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