holiday recap

what a fun holiday we all had!  it certainly helped me that The Mr. was off for 2 weeks+.  we enjoyed some family time.  since he travels so much, it was good to have Daddy focus!

one evening, i hosted a cookie exchange.  The Mr. & Jovie got to enjoy lots of time together.  this is the kind of thing that happens in daddy’s care:

mommy's markers were enjoyed

(thank goodness gramma gave jovie color wonder markers to use now).

jovie also enjoyed some family time watching Frosty the Snowman for the first time.  we learned then how far her sensitivies can reach.  not a fan of the magical.  she watched the rest of the 27 minutes reassuring herself that everything is OK.

it was fun having jovie aware of the holiday.  it is bittersweet that she is not a baby anymore, but it’s great having her be a part of our family traditions:

Eve's dinner consists of appetizers around the coffee table.

enjoying a christmas cookie before leaving some for Santa

christmas dinner at the dining room table!

(that high chair will be picked up very soon for a charity drive.   *sniff)

Christmas morning was a lot of fun.  The Mr. & i have determined that we don’t expect many other 2year olds were as patient as jovie was.  she was appropriately excited and yet still understanding that we can’t open all the toys and gadgets just yet, and to be patient while we open our gifts, too.  (in fact, some of the toys we just recently opened from their box to play).

and in keeping with traditions, no christmas would be the same without yimmy in a box:

jovie got such a kick out of this, that a few days later, she brought the box upstairs to where he was sleeping.  and yes, he did use it.

the adults’ christmas was also good.  i’ll leave it to you guys to decide who had a better christmas:

that would be a soup mug

these- are NOT soup mugs. they are considerably more sparkly.

we had a lot of fun with gramma & grampa, and feel very fortunate that they are willing and able to spend so much time with us.


5 Responses to holiday recap

  1. Meredith says:

    Very nice! Glad you got to have lots of family time.

  2. aunt Barb says:

    sniff, sniff…we missed you guys!!

  3. Gramma and Grampa says:

    We had so much fun too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the picture of her hands after using YOUR markers! You’ll love the Color Wonder!

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