february 9th

february 9, 2009--- 7mos

february 9, 2010--- 19 mos

february 9, 2011--- 2 yrs 7mos

and, yes…  The Mr. & i agree that our daughter is currently being played by triplets.

(it’s even a little more interesting to note that i have a “pregnant belly” picture of us on february 9, 2008.  we didn’t want to post that one, though)


2 Responses to february 9th

  1. Bobby says:

    Chelle, she has grown soooo much! Is there any chance we might be able to see her before Feb 9, 2012?

  2. sarah says:

    I love Ben’s shirt – he must be an Office fan. I’d rather wear a “Michael Scott Paper Company” shirt. Great picture of both of them!

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