title redacted

<i cannot believe how many people come to this post for extremely inappropriate reasons based on the title before.  i was tired of seeing it, so i had to change it. and if you just found this post based on your search terms then you REALLY need to be ashamed. and also? jailtime >   (sweet photos had to be deleted because of pervs)

one year ago, it snowed, and jovie was learning to walk.  one year ago today was the last time we nursed.  and even a year ago, she was still backwards in her carseat!

so we thought it fitting that one year later, she earns another milestone.  her “big bed”.  (it even snowed just a little bit this past week as well)

hilariously pretending to sleep

from THIS:

to THIS:

as with anything about jovie, this could’ve gone either way.  she was perfectly happy in her crib, and the only reason why we’re moving her on already is because she’s outgrown the portacrib.  so we know we can’t travel until we get her transitioned.  (maybe that’s not true, but i can’t imagine teaching her how to sleep in a sleeping bag when she’s never had “freedom” before)

she was with me last week when i picked up her bedding, and from wednesday on she was suuuper excited!  but Gramma & Grampa came to visit on friday, and Daddy came home on friday.  we didn’t think it would be a smart idea to let her first night in her bed be while we had company.

so sunday morning, Dad took the side off of her crib and we set everything all up.  and she spent no less than 20 minutes getting in and out and under the covers and sitting up and laying down (on a pillow!) and just excited giddiness.

and even our difficult-to-warm-up-to-new-situations child was awesome when it came time for the actual nap.  and the bedtime.  (and currently napping as well!)

she is so very excited about her new bed.  and, wow. what a little girl she is!


“prending to sleep” again

i told The Mr. that i’m contemplating buying the same bedding in twin-size for when she graduates again.  there’s actually a purple one that i may just have to grab.  doesn’t it look so very little-lady-ish?


7 Responses to title redacted

  1. Steph says:

    Isn’t it exciting??? She’s precious!

  2. Gramma and Grampa says:

    What a big girl! Sleeping bag, here we come.

  3. Aunt Stacey says:

    Very exciting milestone! The bedding is adorable – definitely get it for the twin bed!

  4. Meredith says:

    What a big girl! Very exciting, and I’m glad she took to it so well. Little Elvis didn’t last in the toddler bed for very long at all.

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  6. […] that’s not quite the same as the last bed she had! […]

  7. […] i’ll admit, i was probably going to wait until valentine’s day…. […]

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