everybody knows all kids say the funniest, cutest, most adorable things.  our kid is no different.  but i have a blog to write it down.  so excuse me a moment while i “ooh and ahh” .

about 2 weeks ago, i gave jovie a piece of her valentine’s candy.  when i handed it to her, i casually told her it was a 3 musketeers.  after a minute to mull that over and think about it, she said “like i cry tears?

one day we were outside enjoying the typically uncanny GA weather when our neighbor came home.  jovie couldn’t remember our (fairly new; rarely seen) neighbor’s name.  so after the lady said hi to us jovie asked who it was.  i said “that was Danielle” and Jovie’s reply “like i yell sometimes?”

the other day (and again this morning) while listening to the radio, she asked “who is this, mommy?”  i said “this group is Fitz & the tantrums”  both times without missing a beat she said “i throw tantrums!”  (don’t be so proud, jovie!)

on Tuesday, we went to the park.  and as we were walking around, we heard some rustling in the brush. 

  • J:  “what’s that i heard?”  
  • M:  “oh- probably a squirrel.”  (i may or may not have wondered if he was possibly looking for some food- i can’t remember). 
  • J: “or maybe it was a chipmunk.”  
  • M:  “yes. maybe a chipmunk!” 
  • J: “….maybe he’s looking for chips”.   i laughed out loud.  then i could hear her really figuring out the word.  chip……monk….monk…..chip

we like when she says “where’d it go’ed?”  and “i woked up!” 

some of our favorite mis-sung lyrics:        

  • row, row, row your boat…..gently as can beeee
  • hush little jovie, don’t say a worm… mommy’s gonna buy you a mockingburn

this morning i cleaned her up from breakfast and was remarking at her being a “messy missy”.  i said “jovie! you have peaches on your forehead!! my goodness”.  then she got up from the table and grabbed flopsy.  i heard her say “flopsy! you have peaches on your forehead!  you have peaches on your foreears!  you have peaches on your forefoot!… [she looked at me confused] mommy, flopsy doesn’t have 4 ears” (she was cracking herself up).   so then i explained (with a laugh) that *this is your forehead.  and then she grabbed flopsy again and said “you have peaches on your twoears!!”

and just yesterday she asked me unprompted as she was coming down the stairs “how’d YOU sleep, mommy??”

there’s more i laugh at daily that i just can’t always remember or put into words.  watching her figure things out and understand things…. talk through things….   has been a lot of fun! 


4 Responses to kidspeak

  1. Meredith says:

    Very cute! What a fun age, huh?

  2. Bobby says:

    Hi Chelle,
    she is adoreable! I miss “lil kid speak”.
    Love & Miss you 3

  3. Aunt Julie says:

    Believe it or not, I can still remember some of Jenna and Kates kidisms! Funny thing, we still use them! ♥♥

  4. bocki says:

    these are so sweet and funny!! i L’ed-OL!!! she’s so smart. looking for chips.

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