funny gal

the other day we were driving around.  luckily, jovie enjoys my favorite radio station (DaveFM) and i’m not 100% held captive by her music class CD’s.  (PS that is the best radio station… i think it was made for me! )

for months now, she’s been asking me who’s singing the songs.  (and i’d like to brag that i can usually tell her!)  her new question is, “mommy, who’s this band?”

also for months, she has been able to recognize a few jack johnson’s songs.  we have the Curious George CD and he gets played a lot on DaveFM.  so she always knew what to answer when i would get dramatic and then ask “*gasp* who is THIS??”.  she always knew to say Jack Johnson.

a few times, i’d ignore it, and i would hear her pipe in the backseat when one of his songs would come on.

so the other day, after hearing for about 5 songs, “mommy—who’s THIS band?”  each and every time… the Jack Johnson song “You & Your Heart” came on, and i turned to look at her and without my saying anything, she smiled this knowing, silly smile.  she knew i was gonna ask her.  and i knew she knew the answer…

so i played along.   “hey, jovie?  who’s THIS band?”

and without skipping a beat, and a giant grin on her face, she immediately responded………


we both enjoyed a literal LOL at a real-live joke!


One Response to funny gal

  1. Gramma and Grampa says:

    Looks like she’s has a wonderful sense of humor. This is just so funny. We love it!

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