on my back

The Mr. was on my back  today because i have been (apparently) lax in posting.  so i thought it fitting to post about when i took jovie on my back down a small hike to a waterfall. 

i guess it was almost exactly 3 years ago we went to this same place, High Falls… (not to be confused with the one in NC).  it’s a place about 45mins down the road from us. we went to it first when i was about 25weeks  pregnant.

Here I am with jovie— you know, outside of the womb: 

look closely and you can see HER big belly!

 it was really a great day.  we played on a playground, where she decided to climb and slide down a rather tall slide.  then we hiked down to the rest of the waterfall…  she even hiked part of the way.  it was pretty neat!  she enjoyed playing in the dirty probably disease ridden water and climbing a death provoking probably slippery boulder.

for someone who’s not much of a risk taker or daredevil, we really enjoyed watching her explore her world.  she had a blast!

then we had a picnic and watched an older girl played at the playground some more before heading home.   you’da thunk all this excitement would’ve helped her to take a nap that day!*

it was fun.  there. i posted.  off my back!  er, i mean …ENJOY!

*the time change messed us up….again.   last spring it changed her bedtime from 7 to now 7:30.    this time change in spring did away with 98% of her naps.  now, i just put her in her room for “quiet time”  ….      argh!


3 Responses to on my back

  1. Gramma and Grampa says:

    Sounds like something gramma and grampa would like to do with Jovie also-easy and fun.

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