easter weekend 2011

as promised, i’ll give more photos & tales of our fabulous easter weekend!

we got to enjoy gramma & grampa for an extra day & a half!  (thanks guys!!)   they came to visit friday afternoon, and jovie was just giddy with excitement!  it was awesome to see her so excited for them.  we waited outside like we always do for daddy…. so you know she was excited!  i was afraid she’d pull out her normal jovie when they finally pulled into the driveway and decide to not do what was expected of her, but instead jovie warmed my heart (and probably gramma’s) that she ran to her and gave her a giant hug!

friday was just hanging out outside, catching up.  but we got to enjoy all of us going out for supper.  (which is becoming a little less rare, lately.  i think we’ve had dinner out like 5 times now!)

saturday was spent at the zoo with some fine animals and every person who lives within a 60 mile radius of Atlanta, apparently!  it’s a testament to the zoo that it could be that crowded, and yet it flowed pretty well.  we saw everything we came to see (pretty much) and the crowd wasn’t as horrendous as it appeared to begin with.  she was thrilled to see the pandas (as was both g’ma & g’pa) so we did that first and went backwards through the park.  i would say her least favorite activity was being almost run down by the goat who saw his getaway as we were entering the petting zoo.   she handled it very well, though and she used a brush on a few.

we enjoyed a wonderful picnic and playground time.  we didn’t end up going on the merry-go-round (next time, grampa!!) but we packed in a full day of fun.

saturday afternoon we enjoyed dyeing easter eggs.  but her favorite part was at the end….  “painting”  on some paper with all the leftover water. 

sunday morning she called for us and as i went in her room to get her, she met me at the door!  boy she was excited!  she found all 9 of her eggs and thought it pretty hilarious that the easter bunny would think to put an egg at her timeout chair!

that silly easter bunny, man!

she loved looking in her basket and finding all the goodies he left her (a sleeping bag, some stickers, a new “handy dandy notebook”, silly bands, and a little sunflower to plant.  plus 2 pieces of chocolate!)

she was equally delighted with her gifts from g’ma & g’pa.  the ladybug from eric carle’s Grouchy Ladybug and other candies, as well as an adorable sock change purse that she likes hiding things in.  (btw, she still is asking to sleep w/ ladybug and declares her love for it as she squeezes it ever so tight!  thanks so much!!)

"see all my bracelets?"

she had a really fun morning and enjoyed going to “castle park” as well as spending the gorgeous day outside swinging and bike riding.  while i was making dinner, The Mr. gave her a daytime bath (she thought that was about as funny as the egg in timeout!) so we could have a pretty dress on for easter.  then she proudly sat at the dining room table with us while we all enjoyed some yummy food.

and luckily, Gramma & Grampa were able to stay the whole day and left monday morning after some leftover breakfast.  it was fantastic having them here for her to enjoy (and let us go to dinner!  thanks!!)

can’t wait til’ next year!


8 Responses to easter weekend 2011

  1. Gramma and Grampa says:

    We had a wonderful time. We can’t wait until next year either!

  2. Bobby says:

    Hi Chelle,
    so glad you had a great holiday! Jovie is growing so fast. she is adoreable!
    love and miss you

  3. Bobby says:

    Hi chelle, thanks for sharing. so glad you had a great holiday. jovie is growung so fast. she is adoreable!
    love and miss you

  4. Steph says:

    Glad you guys had such a great weekend! Logan thinks it’s funny to find an egg in his shoes!

  5. Meredith says:

    Sounds like a great holiday! And her hair looks so much lighter in those pictures!
    Also, you’re a winner! Congratulations.

  6. Emily says:

    Such cute pictures! Can’t believe how big Jovie looks and her hair is beautiful! Caroline still asks me every once in a while “when can we go see Jovie?” Miss you gals!

  7. Bocki says:

    *love* all these pics and updates! she does have some GREAT hair!!! she’s so cute!!

  8. […] oh, and by the way, we were not able to snap the picture of how delighted she was (again) that the EB hid another egg in the TimeOut chair. […]

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