i could certainly post more often if i wrote daily on the silly things jovie says.  some (few) recent examples:

  • “when i go to college on saturday… i can do that too.”   [we have no idea where she’s heard this concept of college! ]
  • she’s been telling us about what her sisters, brothers, and daughter thinks or wants.  she has even made some clarifications, such as:  “my sisters and brothers play instruments.  my funny brother plays the saxophone”        
  • upon seeing a redneck truck on jacked-up wheels “when i get older, maybe i can drive a big truck, too!”  to which i replied under my breath ‘i hope not’
  • we frequently hear the phrase “not the stuff that i did” when we ask her about her day….  that’s her [teenager] version of ‘i’m not in the mood to tell you about my day’….     
  • “when i get older, i can drive this car” [our honda]; to which i responded ‘that’s the plan!’
  • when we were at high falls, she ran across the playground to ask the older girl if she needed help while she was on the tall slide. 

she really wants to be a BIG girl, as is proven in some of her conversations!  i know it’ll come well before i’m prepared for it.  i hope this blog is still around then for me to look back.

don’t rush it, jovie!


2 Responses to overheard

  1. Steph says:

    If you are worried the blog will stop at some point, there’s a Blog 2 Print Company that will print your blog like a scrapbook! 🙂 Cute sayings!!!

  2. […] this in which she declared that she had 7 brothers & 7 sisters.  in that conversation, i just posted that she mentioned her “funny” brother.  anyone who knows the potters (i actually have […]

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