him, too

even though early on, i saw a lot of The Mr. in jovie, pretty much since day one, we’ve been told that jovie looks just like me.  it’s been pretty well documented here too. tho, again— i still don’t necessarily see it.  i see very much POTTER in her, but mainly a lot of my siblings (and many that i’ve never really resembled).

but let’s not forget— she is also his kid:

uncanny, isn’t it? 

(and for those of you wondering, no, it wasn’t staged this way; i didn’t even remember that picture of him!)

Happy Birthday to The Mr.   we love you.


3 Responses to him, too

  1. Gramma and Grampa says:

    Ah, so cute. Happy Birthday, Ben!

  2. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    Ben was a cute guy & still is If i remember he wanted to drive a garbage truck & wanted to Work magic!!!he was funny-
    enjoy all the pic’s i am now great grandma to number 6 A boy was born to Alex & abby on 6-10-11 named Elliot Edward Patthoff!
    I love his name as the middle name was my fathers! what a nice thought of them! we are honored to be able to see 6 great grandchildren!! how lucky we are!! Jovieis her own lady!
    love grandma Katie & marshall

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s adorable! Love it!

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