end of year three


i’ve been having a hard time wrapping my mind around this for about 4 months now.  and yet, i’ve somehow managed to not keep notes like i should on the (many) things i want to remember about jovie as she nears 3 years old.

my friend becky has a daughter 2months younger than jovie.  we talk almost daily (YAY) and she likes to dream/wonder what our girls will be like when they’re older.  each and every time i politely tell her to SHUT UP.  i just miss all the newness and the amazing discoveries as they unfolded. 

of course that happens still, but in less obvious ways.  part of me says i don’t want her to grow because i will forget how amazing she is.  because then it will all be so typical.

she is (duh) unique:  strong-willed for sure! yet, also quite adaptable.  empathetic.  funny.  silly.  well-behaved.  tho demanding, too.  polite.  appreciative.  easily-frustrated.  highly verbal.  fantastic memory.  independent.  dependent.  (too dependent.)   incredibly timid (at first).  yet also fearless (at times).  and loving. oh so so loving.

she truly is an enigma.

and i can’t believe she’s almost THREE.

that’s like….  old.  i mean, KID-aged.  there is nothing remotely toddler-esque about her anyway, but now that she’s not even 2 1/2 anymore……    ohmigosh!

see what i mean:

july 21, 2010. just turned 2... chubby cheeks, arms, etc.

june 8, 2011. same outfit. same flopsy. different kid!

2 Responses to end of year three

  1. Steph says:

    They grow in the blink of an eye!!! 🙂 But, I promise, she will keep amazing you in all that she will continue to do!

  2. Meredith says:

    She looks so much bigger, but still sweet and little. Hopefully three will be a fun time.

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