she’s 3!

okay. so now i’m dreaming about the fact that i haven’t posted about jovie’s birthday!  maybe it’s time i do.

i’ve been putting it off just because my pix really stunk this year!  they don’t quite capture the fun that we had.

rest assured, we had another great birthday weekend.  we upheld our tradition of having her pictures made & going out for mexican lunch.  but b/c her b’day was on saturday (party day), we went the day before.  so forgive me, but her 3 year old pictures are really when she’s 2years and 364 days*.   (haha) 

Portrait Innovations is AWESOME, btw

gramma & grampa came down on friday afternoon and we enjoyed hanging out with them. 

then saturday she woke up (very happily!) and we went to breakfast (another tradition we started… go out to b’fast on party day)

we spent the morning with g’ma & g’pa and visiting with them.  then a nice summer rainstorm came in while everyone took a nap (except me.  the “mommy’s mac’ n cheese” won’t make itself!)

jovie (and The Mr.) woke up about 15mins before people started coming.  it was actually very sweet.  to wake them both up, i decided to move her to my bed where The Mr. was sleeping….  she can’t lay still with us when we want to snuggle.  but this time, she did.  so he got to enjoy cuddling and sleeping together for about 20 mins when he said she woke him up with a kiss!   i know he enjoyed that!

finally the guests arrived for some fun pool time.  even g’ma & g’pa got in the pool.  it was too fun (and hot) not to!

grampa is swimming her to gramma. how FUN

we timed it perfectly that dinner was inside just as a very dark and nice summer storm rolled in.  after yummy supper, the kids all went in the living room and played.  then present time, where everyone was generous!  she got lots of cute outfits & accessories, books & some books on CD.  all that and her dollhouse made this a very fun birthday for her!

then it was cake time, where The Mr. has inadvertantly begun a new birthday tradition in that he forgot to press RECORD on the camcorder for many of her birthday gifts, and her birthday cake/song.  that’s twice now 

glad we have a pic since no vid!

those cupcakes are waaaaay cuter on the website than in my kitchen.  supposed to be a “beach theme” but without the little drink umbrellas that i couldn’t find, and the way the teddy grahams were the same color as the sand, it just looked like a cupcake with a bunchacrap thrown on it.

the kids (of course) didn’t mind.  and since candy is a RARITY in this house, jovie was delighted.

what a great weekend it was!


*The Mr. likes to remind me (in case i forget each year) that Jovie’s birthday should’ve been July 8th.  especially, since the dr. assured us at about 6pm  [14 hours into labor] that there is no way this baby will be born on any other day….   but labor lasting over 26hours will change even the best of “plans”

to The Mr. i say:  thanks.  thanks for the reminder.  because oh yeah! i FORGOT.


5 Responses to she’s 3!

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We had a wonderful time.
    Can’t believe that Jovie is 3 years old!!

  2. Stephen Hawking says:

    Your husband sounds like a unbridled genius with that video camera. I think I will invite him to join my Consortium of Intelligence and High Mental Aptitude.

  3. merediths says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day and party!

  4. Aunt Stacey says:

    She is super adorable! Dave says that Ben better learn some jiu jitsu ’cause those boys are going to be knocking on your door sooner rather than later!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the birthday pics! The cupcakes turned out so cute! Jovie’s so sweet 🙂

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