the beach! take 2

this post is brought to you by over 4 aggravating hours of trying to get the pictures to fit in and look right in the blog.  if you make it to the end, we’d love to know our efforts were worth it.  don’t be afraid to comment.

jovie and i recently came back from Charleston, visiting my BFF and having some more time at the beach.  it took a long time to actually make this trip (this was the 3rd scheduled attempt.  so on my calendar, i wrote: “charleston- this time i mean it!”) and it was well worth it!

it was just a girls’ trip, as The Mr. was traveling last week for work.  don’t feel too bad for him, though, because he got to enjoy the house in it’s peaceful state for about 2 days.  he said it was like old times, being able to just hang out and relax/read at the pool.  which he deserved because he got every chore (and thensome!) taken care of so sat PM & sunday were all fun family time.

jovie enjoyed a later bedtime each night. and lots of firsts:
first escalator ride (fun!!), first air mattress (cool!), first shower (she thought that was silly!), first children’s museum (she loved!!!), first order of french fries (yum. duh), first Rush’s milkshake (double-yum. double-duh!)

this second beach trip was fantastic!

the girls are older. which, we all know brings out some of the easy and some of the harder, but all in all, the trip was good.  they got along great!  and thank you ansley, for sharing all of your toys so well!

i do hate to break it to you, but 3 year olds are not really known for being compliant.  you will see that none of the pictures are very grand.  not having the Mr. there, at the beach i had to take video of the water play & pix of the sand play.  and not a lot of either of it.  and the only pictures of them together are somewhat duplicitous:

they really were friends! promise.

when i ask her about the beach, she goes from sand to waves to sand to waves as being her favorite parts.  she loved it all!  and i hear about the children’s museum a lot, too (especially the “pistachios” [statues] that she saw but barely wanted to look at).

before going to the museum:

not compliant- this is what happened when i asked if i can take her picture

not compliant #2

at the museum, i was able to take more pictures since i was a spectator.  i’m not sure how i didn’t get any pictures of the ball room.  oh right!  because i had a blast in that room myself!!

the water room was so cool!

should you be smiling while in jail?

the real hit was the Publix room.  both of the girls loved shopping there (let’s face it, that’s like jovie’s 2nd home!) and we had to tear them away after 3 shopping turns!!

weighing her produce

jovie was a champ in the car! (seriously- what? this kid??) on the way there, we made a stop to play and eat at a mall. the way home, we went straight thru (aside from my obligatory stop at my fave fast food joint on earth- Rush’s)

she had no idea at this point that i had a milkshake to share. BONUS!

and her entertainment for the two 5hour car rides? me, CD’s, books, & catalogs.
awesome. i’m so glad we don’t have to plug her in! (but barb— when we come visit to FL, we’ll probly need a dvd. 10 hours is a bit much!)

we had a blast and were very happy to come home and see DDDAADDDDDDYYYYYYYY
it was a great trip, and we can’t wait to do it again next year.
plus, she’s already getting excited that we have another gals’ trip to meet becky and ansley again in a few weeks! can’t WAIT.


5 Responses to the beach! take 2

  1. Steph says:

    LOVE our DVDs on long car trips!!!! 🙂

  2. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Sounds like both of you had a wonderful time. I’m glad you had a chance to have a “girls weekend”. And to top it all off, Jovie got to see her DADDY!

  3. Meredith says:

    Glad the trip went so well! Sounds fun!

  4. whatsabocki says:

    Pistachios = statues!! LOVE IT!!

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