another quick post

so when i wrote the last quick post, The Mr. (and I) was recovering from a very scary morning & some severe back pain.

the quick of it is that he woke up at 4:30am that Monday morning and after a lot of pain by 5am i was on the phone with 911 because he had just passed out!  those were the scariest 45 seconds i’ve ever encountered.  The Mr. went to the hospital in amublance style, and jovie was AWESOME & slept through the whole entire drama!  how she did that, we will always wonder.   (she’s the kid who used to wake up because The Mr. walked upstairs!!)

this drama wouldn’t have been complete without knowing that we were to leave the very next day to drop jovie off with her aunt jo-jo so The Mr. & i could take a much needed & very anticipated vacation of bike riding, hiking, and walking around Burlington, VT & Montreal.

we did decide to take our altered vacation, which provided it’s OWN drama, what with hurricane Irene closing down JFK & all of NYC, which was to be our stopover.  [I cannot believe all the flooding that occured in New England & the havoc that Irene wreaked on NC.  we know how lucky we were that this was the minor problem we were facing!]

all in all we got back on the same day originally planned, but not at all how we anticipated.  it included a lot of back and forth between VT & canada and a greyhound bus ride.  it of course wasn’t the vacation we were really looking forward to, but it was QUITE NICE having no responsibilities & abilities to have nice lunches, dinners, & scenery!

jovie was FANTASTIC for her aunt jo-jo, and they loved being together so much.  the first night we were there, aunt jo-jo sent me this picture:

<gggrrrooooowwwwwlllll   after several attempts at uploading this pic, it isn’t working.  and i need to be done here.  sorry!!  suffice it to say it was cute!>

and The Mr. summed it up perfectly:    “she looks so happy!”   <she really did!>

Jo, if you’re reading this—- THANKS AGAIN A ZILLION & A HALF.

& for the rest of you:  we believe that evvvverrrrryone should have an “aunt jo-jo”!


oh yeah, PS- The Mr. is fine.  no worries!


4 Responses to another quick post

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad to hear that Ben is OK. Always great to escape together!
    Sorry you had hard time with your travel plans.

  2. Bobby says:

    Did it wrong, Hi Chelle.

  3. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We’re glad you made it back safe and sound.

  4. Meredith says:

    I’m so sorry for all of the drama! Glad Ben is ok, and that you guys are ok, as well.

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