Grandparents’ Day

what a treat to have Gramma & Grampa come down for a (much too) short visit!

her preschool puts on a program of sorts.  i was told it was a very nice setup.  parents aren’t allowed to this “exclusive” shin-dig.  so many grandparents come, there’s just not enough room for parents, too.  so i wasn’t invited.  but it musta been cool, because g’ma & g’pa really enjoyed themselves.

i happened to be in the parking lot feeling shunned reading a magazine when i noticed jovie’s class go into the auditorium first.  i happened to look up and i saw her from far away get excited.  physically excited.  she literally hopped up & down and i’m pretty sure i heard a squeal as her class was walking in line (!) to go inside.

last night, gramma & i were talking about how jovie would be for this program.  i assumed there would be a song, but i didn’t think it would be a big production. (it wasn’t).  but we talked about how it is all of the 3’s, 4’s & K’s…. so like i dunno. 100 kids.  at least 100 grandparents.

sally asked me what i think her reaction would be.  without missing a beat, i stuck my fingers in my mouth and played coy.

because my daughter comforts herself that way at any new situation.  crowds. loud noises. new places. expecting to sing/dance/answer/perform.  which would be the exact definition of “grandparents’ day” at school.

sally wholeheartedly agreed, but then mentioned she may surprise us.  and for a fleeting second, i thought:  hmmm yeah. she probably will.  (she’s been known to do that a few times!)

apparently she enjoys the stage.

no fingers.  the excitement i saw.  and also- she spotted them in the crowd (had no idea what they would be wearing, so that must’ve been a feat) and happily said loudly “there’s my gramma & grampa!”

now, i’m not gonna say that she lit up the stage or anything.  and i was told she barely sang.  but- she didn’t withdraw.

and i think that is huge.

it’s amazing to see how far she’s come with adapting to ….life.

and it means so much, to me in particular, to see jovie developing an honest-to-goodness relationship with her grandparents.  it was wonderful of them to juggle their schedules and make the drive for such a short visit.  it meant a lot to jovie as well as me.

interestingly, at lunch afterwards, somehow jovie asked about my own parents.  i pretty much floundered about the whole thing.  i can’t remember what even started her on it, but when she asked if meemaw or poppa were going to come visit, it stopped me in my tracks for a minute.

[….. i just spent entirely too much time looking in my archives to where i may possibly have mentioned meemaw & poppa.  and so far i didn’t find anything to link to.  (i’m sorry)…… i don’t think i have any readers who don’t know me, but just in case- unfortunately both of my parents have passed away]

it’s awesome to see that jovie legitimately thinks about, misses, and loves gramma & grampa.  and of course- it’s reciprocal!


3 Responses to Grandparents’ Day

  1. Steph says:

    Meemaw and Poppa are SURE to be looking down on her!!! They had some of the best seats in the house for her performance! We all miss them!!!!

  2. Bobby says:

    Great to hear that Jovie is adjusting to LIFE. She is very lucky to have two sets of grandparents, One set physically and the other spritually.

  3. Gramma says:

    We had a wonderful time. Jovie was a delight. We love her to pieces!

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