field trip

jovie went on a field trip with preschool yesterday!  since all the parents had to transport the kids themselves, it was more a very organized playdate with her class.  but it was fun.  who knew they would organize “field trips” for 3 year olds!

we went to a local farm and she enjoyed herself.  she surprised me a little, and surprised me not at all a little too.

we rode a hayride. (this one complete with hay) and the cows came really close to us- she didn’t mind that so much.  watching the other animals through fences- neh, not interested.  (except the bunnies):

we walked through a corn maze:

i (finally) convinced her to jump on the GIANT pillow-thing.  then i convinced her to do it again so i was able to get some great pictures!**

Y'all- that's AIR! under her FEET!

she also rode a “cow train” and she didn’t need me to go with her!  so i was able to take more great pictures:

she picked a tiny pumpkin (the tiniest one she could find, of course) & ran through some flowers.  she saw animals up close, far away, & being silly:

sure, they swim. but do they FLY?

and even ate ice cream….. before lunch!

i think her favorite part of the day was when we came back & had lunch with DADDDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

it was a great day!


**her therapists (both PT & OT) would be amazed with the fact that she was able to jump with so much force, and knees bent.  we work on this constantly!  i’m still amazed when i see her jump.  it’s still a relatively new skill.  now i try to get her to jump forward- and this picture i think was a forward-moving jump. so WOOHOO for her!


4 Responses to field trip

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    She’s growing up so fast. She will always amaze us!

  2. Meredith says:

    Those pictures are great! Sounds like a very fun time.

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