October- come & gone

First, there was this.  glad i was able to post about something in october!

school field trip

then, that weekend was a fabulous birthday weekend for me!  it began with this:

i had an audience!

where i ran the 5k portion of the Peachtree City Classic.  it was my 4th “race” —which also was my FASTEST!  3.1 miles in 30:40!  woohooo.  i think it helped that The Mr. could cheer me on & bring Jovie to her first spectator sport.

the next day was my actual birthday, and we spent it doing this:

Then more of October came and went.  leaves fell, were raked and played in:

i promise in the pic right before, The Mr. looked a little happier to play

parties were attended (and FUN):

on the way to our friends' party!

party at school

the school party was fantastic! their hayride came complete with hay, and even though my girl didn’t want to participate in any of the games, she surprised the heck out of me by doing this:

yes. this is the same girl, who just last week wouldn’t even go see the animals up close on the farm, who decided to wait patiently! to ride a pony!  i really thought she’d end up changing her mind, and she did it all by herself.

i mean, look at that smile!

and when we came home from the party, we just had to wait a little while to meet her cousin sophia! we haven’t seen Stacey & Dave since jovie’s first trip to greenville for thanksgiving.  my, how things have changed:

somethin' tells me they don't get too many LEAVES in phoenix

on the way to the park in gramma & grampa's neighborhood

the girls really did LOVE each other! jovie was just being..... jovie and wouldn't sit next to her for a great shot

after a fun weekend in greenville, spending time with the family (even Uncle Nate flew down from boston!), we came home on halloween to do this:

so yeah….. october is done.  and november will be just as fun……


PS- my cute little kittycat has a tail for her costume. seems i could never get a great shot of her from that view.


6 Responses to October- come & gone

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Jovie’s Halloween costume is adorable! She looks like she had a fun Halloween too. We were so happy for Jovie and Sophia to have a chance to play together. We loved every minute of our weekend.

  2. Bobby says:

    So glad you, Jovie and the Mr. all had a great October. I hope Jovie keeps surprising you and exceeds your expectations. That’s what kids do. Looking forward to seeing you next month. Love & Miss you!

  3. whatsabocki says:

    where do i begin. this was the funnest (not a word) collection of pictures i have ever seen!!!! 1) look at you in your running outfit – congrats on a fantastic time!!! 2) looks like ben THREW her in the swinging photo. funny! 3) those 2 curvy slide photos lined up rather nicely 4) LOVE the pic of her riding on the pony!! 5) the cousin photos bring tears to my eyes – so sweet. 6) GREAT halloween loot!!

  4. Meredith says:

    I love the kitty costume!

  5. Aunt Julie says:

    Loved the pictures! Congrats on your time. My running days are over…. I am still going to PT for my achilles. Oh well, with 2 grandbabies on the way I wont have the time! ♥♥

  6. […] jovie is enjoying her mom’s morning out program.  she gets a kick out of being line-leader & a few weeks ago she was thrilled at getting to have a stuffed animal friend come home with her after being the snack-bringer.  we got lucky & Crush the turtle got to be a part of that whole halloween weekend fun! […]

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