more travels

we have been going back and forth to greenville lately for one reason or another, and this past weekend we went back yet again so we could go back to Skytop Orchard!  (we knew we wouldn’t be picking any apples.  we consciously made that decision to forgo the huge crowds we saw last year, and to make it feel more Fall-ish.)

THIS is what we come for!

we also enjoyed going to a hands-on museum. (this is #3 if you’re keeping count) and it was such a blast.  coupled with the yummy diner The Mr. scoped out for lunch, we had a fabulous weekend with gramma and grampa!

a future career in cashiering just like mommy & meemaw.

we also got to share some delicious hot apple cider and (my) homemade pumpkin cookies with some friends that we see too too rarely.

november is as awesome as october!  cool temperatures, football, beautiful colors & crunchy leaves falling before your eyes……

it’s our favorite season!


jovie is enjoying her mom’s morning out program.  she gets a kick out of being line-leader & a few weeks ago she was thrilled at getting to have a stuffed animal friend come home with her after being the snack-bringer.  we got lucky & Crush the turtle got to be a part of that whole halloween weekend fun!

i’m not exactly sure what she does on most days, though.  she already thinks she’s a teenager.  we get a lot of silence from her when she decides she doesn’t want to talk about something.  (most of the time!)

[in fact a few months ago we did a craft with some friends of ours that encourages good behavior by putting (small) buttons in a jar.  jovie has been earning “manners buttons” for general pleasant behavior & good manners.  answering a question from someone earns her a button… this shows how often she becomes a teenager!]

{by the way, the night before we left for g’ville, she FINALLY filled up that jar— she waited so patiently because i’m a stickler for rules.  she earns one button at a time for specific things i can name/recall…..  some days she earns as many as 10 +buttons.  some days as few as 3.  all depends!  but she FINALLY got to watch her first movie!  she was thrilled to spend some extra time with Clifford!}


i just wanted to add this pic of jovie using kids’ chopsticks:


she likes to imagine a lot.  most of the time, The Mr. & i are pretty clueless at what she means.  half the time, we wonder if she even knows.  but all of the time it’s funny to catch her talking to herself.

today was the first time she took herself seriously.  yesterday, she had decided that today would be Baby’s birthday.  and at breakfast, she remembered and we planned out baby’s 5th birthday party.  on the way home from running errands this evening, jovie then decided that Baby was in “fifteen grade”

we came home & she set up plates, etc for the friends.  we sang happy birthday to Baby who somehow has managed to bend the space/time continuum because she has surpassed jovie’s age quite easily.  (here she is, not even a year and a half ago, on jovie’s second birthday:

back when Baby was just a baby....

Yiminy thought he could come, too.

logic— it isn’t for 3 year olds.


6 Responses to more travels

  1. Meredith says:

    The imagination stuff is fun. Does she laugh at her own jokes? Little Elvis’ jokes make no sense, but we all laugh because he’s so funny cracking himself up. Glad the mother’s morning out is going well!

  2. Bobby says:

    Really enjoy the updates! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Anonymous says:

    jovie is to cute! i love her little imagination! and i also love to hear about a mom that is a stickler to rules. that jar idea is so cute. too bad there is no way in heck i could get that going at this house. oh well. someday when i have my own… 🙂 thanks for sharing that other blog with me. looks great!

  4. Christina says:

    Oh i didn’t mean to be anonymous!

  5. Aunt Julie says:

    jovie reminds me alot of Jenna. She had quite the imagination too. Love the pictures and updates. Happy Thanksgiving!♥

  6. […] weekend, we had a fantastic time with gramma & grampa at the yearly trip to Sky Top Orchard.  & this year, we rented a mountain house for the weekend.  add to that, […]

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