christmas prep

the first weekend in december i had some time in charlotte alone with my sister! (j’s aunt jo-jo)  The Mr. and jovie had a good weekend, and when i came home, i was pleasantly surprised to see that he surprised me with a tree!

so that day, we spent time getting all the fun decorating done.  i hope i’ll remember to take a pic of the tree and the ornaments clumped together.  clearly jovie was allowed  (and excited!) to help this year.  of course, it’s fun having her excited about christmas at this age.  and she’s such a rule-follower that she does in fact ignore the presents under the tree!

of course, she does keep asking if it’s friday yet (hate to break it to her that’s just the day gramma & grampa come, and actually we have to wait til Sunday for the other goodies!)  or she’ll ask if it’s christmas.  even right after we do our christmas countdown calendar we have.   so, eager- yes!

when i was getting ready to decorate the mantel, jovie helped me by doing this:

which, of course, reminded me of THIS:

mpotter circa 1978

those rags in my head were my curlers i’d sleep in (uncomfortably, but WAY better than the pink ones  that made it hard to lay down)

and after seeing this, makes me think The Mr. & I need bigger stockings, no?

enjoy these last few days of your own holiday prep!  as busy as it gets, it’s so fun to me.  and i think jovie is enjoying it too!


3 Responses to christmas prep

  1. whatsabocki says:

    that’s adorable!! i love how you always have relevant stuff to share from your and Ben’s childhood, as it pertains to Jovie’s!! very special and thoughtful and great job MOM.

  2. Gramma & Grampa says:

    You mean we can’t open presents Friday and have to wait until Sunday? Good luck in breaking the news to Jovie. We’re kinda disappointed also. Oh well, we’ll get over it!

  3. […] other prep:  jovie helped me make one of the batches of cookies this year.  it was a recipe my sister (aunt […]

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