just write something, already!

okay. wow.  yeah, sorry for the dust on your computer.  just wipe that off a bit.

it’s not that i don’t have things to write about with jovie…  it’s that i forget to, or run out of time, or don’t have much creativity. & truthfully, i’m way behind in uploading my pictures from my newer camera…  way behind.  so i don’t have any pictures to show you right now.

at least i thought i’d write to say yes- we’re still here.  we’re all fine.  relatively.

The Mr. is nursing a cold right now.  last week i was dealing with my own battle of a cold or something that never fully developed but wiped me out nonetheless.  The Mr. traveled, though, so don’t blame me for his condition.

Jovie was pretty good considering i spent the better part of last week flat on the couch except when necessary.  nursing headaches, body aches, throat aches, etc… and fighting sleep (or actually sleeping).  she didn’t mind too much.  she watched about an hour of TV a day.  which is way more than usual.  she didn’t mind at all.


jovie started dance class.  she’s enjoying it!  i hope to follow up with pictures soon, you’ll like the one of her in her new leotard.

in the meantime, she’s being quite loving in the past few months.  she’s just bolt out an “i love you” and a giant hug & kiss.

yesterday, she said “Daddy, i’m sorry you’re not feeling well today!”

she constantly tells me how much she misses gramma & grampa.  she’ll say “but i really want them to be here.”

she’ll scribble & wad up a piece of paper, and declare it a present for them.  sometimes it’s hard to reason with her that one person’s trash is another person’s….. trash.


so, we’re still alive & well.  hope you are…



4 Responses to just write something, already!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you are feeling better. Well wishes for Ben. Big hug and kiss to Jovie. Enjoying your updates.

  2. Christina says:

    i would take a piece of trash from jovie, she can crumple up paper for me any day 😉

  3. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We will come and visit soon. Tell Jovie we would love to have her wad of paper!

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