last night, a friend and i went out for supper.  jovie was asking if she could come.  to which i quickly responded NO!  she asked why not, and i said “i just wanna talk to cheri”.  she reminded me that “i talk to ms. cheri now, too!” (because usually we take a walk with her and jovie is adamant and stubborn to be rude and only shy-wave to this lady she’s known her whole life)

needless to say, of course she did not come to dinner with me.   Thanks, Mr.!

when cheri came over, she was pretty impressed/shocked that jovie was in the middle of eating dinner and she saw her eating a salad.

she did not see that she already devoured the salmon, pasta salad & applesauce.

so glad she’s still not like me.


since jovie started her 3yo class, she’s been invited to 2 parties already (one of them within the first weeks of class!).  we didn’t go to either one of them, but she was just invited to another one for this weekend, and it’s for one of her friends from last year’s class.  i’d gotten to know his mom, and we’re “friends” too.

problem is that it’s at monkey joe’s.  the monkey likes to visit the kids, and will surely come out for a party.  she is not a fan.  of anything that is not supposed to be (like scuba santa, or scuba divers for that matter, people in costume, etc.)

so when asking her if she wants to go, The Mr. and i assured her that he will be there, and is she sure.  the answer is yes.  so then we remembered that gramma & grampa will be here this weekend.  (yay!!) would she like to stay and play with them, or go to the party for just a little bit?  she said the party.  and then she quickly showed me what is driving all this bravery.  she asked “but will i still be there for cake time?”

aaahhhh, that explains it!


it is an interesting feat trying to explain to a 3 year old that she hasn’t just always been.  case in point:

she asked me who was singing “just breathe” on the radio, and i answered Pearl Jam.  i decided to extend the conversation & tell her that both mommy & daddy like pearl jam, and that they were really popular when we were in college.

she kinda started thinking and said “was i there?”

of course i answered “no… it was before you were born”

she looked at me kinda funny and said “was i at home?”

so i giggled a second, and said “no; you didn’t exist”

i got a few blank blinks and then she asked “well then, where was i?”

somehow i dismissed the rest of the convo so i didn’t have to keep explaining the meaning of existence to a 3year old girl.


2 Responses to tidbits

  1. Christina says:

    ha that is too cute! a. i go to parties just for the cake as well. b. i love that she does not understand the idea that she didn’t exist at one point. adorable. kids are funny.

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