i love playing games.  all kinds- board, card, even computer at times.

growing up the youngest of 13 has a lot to do with my love for games.  there was usually someone to play with, if we weren’t playing with a group of people.  my mommy really liked games, too- so i usually had someone to play with.

i think it’s great that we used to play bingo on a friday night to compete for the prizes in the cereal box.  (remember those?  instead of online codes, you got actual trinkets??)

i have a friend who’s the oldest of 7.  it’s great that she likes to play games, too.  we’ve had a few game nights when The Mr. travels.

all this to say that i couldn’t WAIT til “the bean” was old enough to play games.  because, yes; i think one of the items that put a yes in my “do i wanna have kids” column was the ability to play games with my little one.

i hope so much to instill this love of games with jovie.  she seemed to enjoy the easy animal bingo game we got her 2 christmases ago; and The Mr. & i would play go fish with her a few times.  so about 6 months ago i bought Candyland.  she was really excited at first (of course) because it’s so NEW & FUN to look at and play.

until we played one game.  then she realized there was a purpose to it.  i think we ended up playing 3times in the course of weeks…

i have a lot of manipulative learning/game sets from when i was teaching, and it’s the same.  i get it out and it’s the coolest.  but then it’s generally cast aside.

she was intrigued with the cards in Memory, until i took out 10 to try to play the game. i found my game of Chutes & Ladders i used during teaching.  she thought that looked like the coolest game of all….  until she realized we’d have to count & actually play.  we didn’t even get through one game.

i was pretty disappointed/discouraged. but i did know that (hopefully) it could all change.  and, i think it has.  (i hope)  thanks to gramma & grampa for giving her Hi-Ho-Cherry-O and her cousin “boy Cameron” for giving her Zingo for christmas.  She loves those the best.  and her love of those actually allows her to ask to play Candyland from time to time, too.

i really hope she enjoys games as much as i do.  it’s a great way to spend time with the family.


4 Responses to games

  1. Steph says:

    We LOVE games here!!! (Logan the most!) We have a Family Game Night at least once a month, but Logan and I will play something weekly!!! She’ll grow into it more!!!

  2. Meredith says:

    I love games, but neither of my parents were big game players, so I didn’t get to play that often at home. Luckily, my grandparents and cousins were big fans. We attempt games with Little Elvis. He likes bingo the best, although War was pretty fun as well. Bob wants to play Uno with him, but I think we need to wait a bit on that one. I think he’ll like Sorry and Trouble when he’s older.

  3. Christina says:

    SWEET! i made the blog post! 😉 she will love games. one day. give it time. but if she only loves hi ho cherry o for the rest of her life….well, that’s fun too….right? haha

  4. […] while we were all galavanting in SC, we missed our first class.  so today we got to do an extra make-up class.  after warming up, jovie enjoyed herself.  we also went to a playground for a short bit and came home for a lunch playdate with 2 fun girls and my friend “the nanny”  (hi, christina!) […]

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