goings on

as i upload pictures from my camera to talk about “donuts with dad”, i noticed that i have 89 pictures…. going back to valentines day.  so ummm, yeah- i guess i’ve been pretty slack with the pictures and posting as of late.

so, yesterday The Mr. had the pleasure of accompanying jovie to his first preschool activity.  they both really enjoyed themselves.  and The Mr. finagled his schedule to do this.  he has fond memories of doing things like this with his dad (grampa, around these parts) and i think it was special for him to share this with her.

jovie just enjoyed the “donut circles” and chocolate milk!  when i called them donut holes, she laughed and said “no, these didn’t have any holes!”

The Mr. brought home a picture of jovie as a mousepad, a broken (oops) change holder.  you know? – that thing we always made that we called ashtrays.  and a Q&A story they all wrote.  like “my daddy is very old.  he has a lot of jobs and he makes $30 a day” kinda stories.

i’m so glad The Mr. is her daddy.  it’s very special.


last weekend we went to Greenville & Columbia for a whirlwind weekend for The Mr. to fly through run his first half-marathon.  my BFF becky did it, too, and she also nailed it!  unfortunately, i was supposed to run my first 10k, and wasn’t able to.  but i had a great time cheering them on.  (seriously, yo-  he ran 13.1 miles in less than an hour & 45 minutes!!)  gramma & grampa enjoyed having jovie for a night; and we 3 adults enjoyed uninterrupted conversations that lasted after 7:30pm.

they both dreaded all the hills; they both did great and the word on the street was, "it wasn't as bad as i thought!"


today itself was a blast!  after losing interest and staying out for 2 sessions, we are starting the music class again.  we’re all really excited to do this again. [this is her 8th one!]

while we were all galavanting in SC, we missed our first class.  so today we got to do an extra make-up class.  after warming up, jovie enjoyed herself.  we also went to a playground for a short bit and came home for a lunch playdate with 2 fun girls and my friend “the nanny”  (hi, christina!)

we had a blast making a fun St. Patty’s day craft:

before the mess really began


we also enjoyed Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and Valentine’s Day.

she enjoyed making the pizza herself; and the little extra pizzazz i added, too!

(thanks to weelicious.com for the idea to use a tortilla for the pizza and cut it in a heart shape!)


Clearly a fun month was had by all!


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