i’ve been wanting to write for a few days just to share how completely uncanny it is that jovie is so much like me.  there have been many times i’ve thought she was channeling me.

last year, there was this in which she declared that she had 7 brothers & 7 sisters.  in that conversation, i just posted that she mentioned her “funny” brother.  anyone who knows the potters (i actually have 6 of each, so she’s not exactly precise) knows that we did, in fact, have a particularly funny brother.  although we have a few of them, Danny definitely is most known for that trait.

then there have been so many countless times where The Mr. will be silly or zany or joking.  without missing a moment, jovie usually responds in the way i would.  the latest one i can recall is on picture day when Daddy said “don’t forget to say cheeeeeseboooogies”  and, since boogies are what we call boogers, she immediately replied “daddy, that’s inappropriate”

but now, it’s beginning to be a bit more eerie.

last weekend, we were outside playing in the gorgeous weather, and jovie was off in her world.  a world of pretend that we can hardly follow.  it comes complete with all kinds of people-  imagined friends sometimes, but mostly her daughters (??), sisters/brothers, and even granddaughters (????).  anyway-   normally, she’ll give these people names like Joop, Raw-rah, Alyssa, Baby & a few others.  Other than Alyssa, they’ve never been very real names.  however, that particular day, she said twice that these 2 people were named Susie & Goldy.  she said it like that together.

but there is no way she could know that when i was little, my first 2 fish were named….  Susie & Goldy.    i mean, really?  even The Mr. never knew that.

then, on tuesday, i told her that Daddy & I would take her to lunch.  and i asked where she’d like to go.  those were the only words i spoke to her.  but somehow she answered “Moe’s” which is never on her list of places to go.  i really thought she’d say Ruby Tuesdays or Partners, or even Chickfila.  we haven’t been to Moe’s in over a month, and i actually had a craving for it myself.  plus i knew we would be next door to it while we were running errands.  but she knew none of this.

and just a few minutes ago, she found our book DK’s Annotated Art that i was excited to buy just out of college.  [one of the greatest classes i ever took at Clemson was “Art & Architectural History” with Janet LeBlanc.  it was awesome!]  jovie flipped through some of the pages and then studied one page in particular.  for about 5 minutes.  when i stopped what i was doing to look over at her, she was on my all-time favorite painting & the SOLE REASON i bought that book to begin with.   Arnolfini’s Wedding Portrait

i mean, what?



3 Responses to uncanny

  1. Aunt Stacey says:

    Wow! I think Jovie has some kind of abilities – though I am sure my brother thinks these are just coincidences. I don’t believe in coincidences! Very cool! I loved that Art History class too – one of my favorites at Clemson. Happy Easter!

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  3. […] she asked if i could make nutella pancakes.  i told her i was actually hoping to (reading my mind again!) i then saw her in the dark raise her hand and whisper […]

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