april fun

our april has been a lot of fun.  we’ve had lots of really nice days, and jovie & i have met for countless picnic playdates with our pals.

the weekends have been gorgeous, too, so we’ve enjoyed having some excursions.

and today my BFF becky & ansley are coming for a visit and it’ll be a girls’ weekend since The Mr. is splashing back some guiness with his sausage & potatoes & cornedbeef hash in the emerald isle.   (okay, so only one part of that sentence is probably true)

so, april in pictures:

we went back to Noah’s Ark with Gramma & Grampa when they came for Easter:

did you know peacocks sat in trees? yeah, me neither.

here’s about the only picture i have of jovie from our adventure because she was quite fussy that day.

after our picnic & before walking to see the animals. she was smiling because she didn't yet realize how long we'd walk without a stroller on a day she wasn't feeling that well. i was probably smiling, too.

then we came home and did some of this:

which, even though her favorite colors are consistently purple, yellow & pink- we ended up with this:

maybe she thought it was st. patty’s day?

which, obviously, led to:

oh, and by the way, we were not able to snap the picture of how delighted she was (again) that the EB hid another egg in the TimeOut chair.

after all the fun of easter morning, we went to a park, and The Mr. did this:

but don’t worry…  jovie was having fun playing with gramma & grampa!

easter was a lot of fun for us all!  yummy food, lots of family time and a big bed!

the next weekend we went to Cochran Mills, which is a nature center around us.  we’d never been but was looking for some hiking to do.  then as a bonus we found out that this

was where they filmed a part of Walking Dead.  (as seen here)

after that fun weekend, The Mr. took a Day Off (gasp!) and we went to Imagine It.  I think it’s been documented here pretty well that jovie likes children’s museums, so when our very own had a Clifford Exhibit, we knew we had to plan a day to go.

then we went to lunch and played at Centennial Olympic Park for her first time.

and we capped it off at Johnny Rockets for her first very own milkshake.

so april’s almost over, and we have another super weekend planned.  we’re looking forward to may and hope the weather will still be as nice!


5 Responses to april fun

  1. Christina says:

    seriously you are such fun parents! i wanna come! i’m especially jealous of the milk shake part 😉

  2. merediths says:

    What cute pictures! Her hair looks a lot lighter! It’s probably just me, though. The parks look like lots of fun.

  3. Gramma & Grampa says:

    What a busy month! Glad we were able to be part of the fun.

  4. […] gonna learn early that gal pal time is so much fun.  here’s some photographic evidence: ansley and jovie were immediate friends […]

  5. […] unlike last spring, The Mr. has been traveling a lot, so we haven’t gotten a chance to do a ton of stuff as of yet.  though, jovie and i have a girls trip with Becky & Ansley coming up,  […]

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