gal pal time

jovie’s gonna learn early that gal pal time is so much fun.  here’s some photographic evidence:

ansley and jovie were immediate friends bounding all around together! immediate.

she may look like me, but medusa is her mother.

ansley was enthralled with watering the “flowers” or whatever.

so while they did all that for over an hour; becky and i enjoyed it immensely.  sat outside and did that thing that some adults do on a regular basis…  what is it?  …oh!  TALKED.

then on friday, while they playedandplayedandplayedomgandplayed, becky and i got to do something really special.  we left the house.  we got a sitter, ordered a pizza lunch and hightailed it out of there.  so we could try out that “talking” thing again at lunch.  and we capped off the wonderful lunch with a massage.

after coming home from a good 5 hours of playtime, they played for like 2 hours more!

and all that playtime just kept them lovin’ each other.  because before bed, there was this:

how sweet is that- with ansley going in for a snuggle!

saturday was a big blast.  first, there was music class:

medusa, in motion

and after bringing the girls back to the same place we had lunch (Taco Mac is fun!), we went home for some chill time, waited outside for The Mr. to come home after his Irishfest (AKA work) and then we all went for a big FIRST:

we were all really sad for the weekend to end.  so much fun- and 100% different than the last time they made the trek up here.  that was a year and a half ago.  these girls could actually interact.  and have FUN.

can’t wait for our next time.  jovie keeps asking if it’s summer yet.

(lucky for me, i don’t have to wait til july/aug.  Beck & i have another girls’ trip scheduled in june!  can’t WAIT)


3 Responses to gal pal time

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Looks like Jovie and Ansley had a great time. So glad you and Becky did too!

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  3. […] gotten a chance to do a ton of stuff as of yet.  though, jovie and i have a girls trip with Becky & Ansley coming up,  then The Mr. will take a day off and we’ll go camping for the first time (not in […]

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