mini-conversations with jovie

  • the other day, while we were in the car, jovie asked if we could hear the Beastie Boys.  i responded, no.  we’d have to wait for daddy to help us with that.  she asked why? and i told her honestly:  because some of their songs are inappropriate.  she didn’t skip a beat when she answered back, “but i can’t understand ENTY of it!”   (i love how she emphasizes some words!)
  • my daughter is a little more interested in death & the great beyond than i would really like.  several times a week, she asks a question or makes a comment about it.  her latest thing is saying she doesn’t want to die.  i mean….  really?  what 3yo does that??  believe me, i do what i can to reassure her and answer questions the best i can.  and i do everything to keep ugly subjects away from her until it’s appropriate.  even the word “die” wasn’t spoken by me until a few months ago.  …when she would ask about meemaw or poppa, i would just be plain and say they aren’t living anymore.  and, i can see how this sounds very morbid.  she’s not fearful or scary about it.  she’s just as matter of fact about things as i am when i have to reply to her.
  • so one day, she asked me point blank “how do we get to heaven?  do we ride a cloud?”  this was very much out of the blue. and, no, i didn’t get evangelistic on her and say “pray hard and pay a lot”.  i replied:  “i think that’s a perfect thought.  maybe when you die, magic happens, and you can ride a cloud without falling through.”  she asked “does jesus or god help us?”   “they must.”

wow, this kid.

(man, all this talk about beastie boys and heaven at the same time.  didn’t really mean for that to happen.  but yes.  i would like to think that Adam Yauch, did indeed, ride a cloud)



4 Responses to mini-conversations with jovie

  1. merediths says:

    Little Elvis talks about death a lot. Most days he asks me, “Mommy, what will you say when you die?” I tell him nothing. I’ll be dead. But he is convinced that I need to say something, and that it should be silly. He also asks us when old people are going to die, or tells us they will die soon. Luckily, he doesn’t say this to the old people in question.
    And I understand about the songs. I so want to put “Fight for your Right to Party” on their playlist, but don’t want to explain porno mags.

  2. funky boss says:

    I guess now is a good time to admit I never threw out my B-Boy posters from college. They are in the attic awaiting to be put up in Jovie’s room. WWMCAD?

  3. funky boss says:

    WWMCAD = What Would MCA Do

  4. Christina says:

    ha that little girl is gonna keep you on ur toes!

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