since the last post….

  • jovie got to enjoy most of her aunts for a visit!

5 of my 6 sisters came for Memorial weekend and it was fun for everyone!  jovie warmed up to them quite easily (surprise) yet was adamant not to learn their names— tho after they left, she could name them all.   it was kinda cute that she would just call them “my other aunt”

(we girls enjoyed a girls day by going to see Jersey Boys at the Fox theater, staying at the trendy Hotel Indigo and having a delicious supper at the Melting Pot!)

  • jovie had her first dance recital!

aunt jo-jo, michaela, and gramma & grampa came for the visit.  they drove 3-5 hours to watch jovie dance for one minute and four seconds.

surprisingly, she did well-ish.  we actually had recital earlier that morning.  the first time they danced through it, she barely even moved.  and some mom was up on stage w/ her kid, so her focus was behind the curtains.  the second time they danced, she moved more but still had the blank stare on her face.  so i wasn’t exactly sure what to make of performance time when there were a zillion people in the dark auditorium and bright lights in her face.

she actually got into it, and once she began dancing, she just made up her own moves.

other than The Mr. & myself, it was everyone else’s first time.  jovie (of course) didn’t know what to make of the first act.  Barely Balanced is my favorite* thing to see.  and since jovie has a fear of the strange, she watched most of their show behind the map we gave her.

the juggler she watched a little more, and even said something like “that’s like the other guys!” so she did pay attention.

  • we got (FINALLY) me a new computer (FINALLY)
  • we got my new computer fixed (WTH??) after 3 days of use.
  • we are getting ANOTHER new computer (are you kidding me????)  because then something else broke  and we think that owning a computer for a literal week should be free of having TWO service calls

so, i did take lotsa pictures of the above events…..  however, i’m not uploading anymore to this computer since we have to transfer to the next computer.  nevermind the fact that this computer is so new that i didn’t even load the other software onto it yet!  wow.  really??

so—– just imagine all the events in your head.  and i’ll try to upload pix another time.  hope i remember to IOU.

*barely balanced is my favorite because of this dude: Cameron  he’s full of the inappropriate jokes i can’t stand, but he’s pretty to look at. (and ps- i had no idea he was writing a novel.  hmmmmm)


3 Responses to since the last post….

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We had a great time with you guys over the weekend. Jovie, the ballerina, did a great job. The highlight of the Renaissance Festival, for me, was the turkey leg at lunch! Can hardly wait to see the pictures when you upload them to your new computer.

  2. Barb says:

    We had a blast and I think it was so cute how she warmed up to Kippy…Kippy probably needed that..thanks for the weekend.

  3. […] so glad.  my new-new computer came in, and The Mr. has fervently been getting it in order.  today he put on my photo software, […]

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