belated pictures

i’m so glad.  my new-new computer came in, and The Mr. has fervently been getting it in order.  today he put on my photo software, so now i can upload my 187 pictures from my camera.

so,enjoy some belated pix.

here, jovie is with aunt kippy & aunt barbara:   

some pool time: 

um, why is my little girl able to stand up in the pool now?

at her recital rehearsal  (we assumed this would be the look we got through the whole recital.  we were pleasantly surprised.  and, by the way, i have video of her rehearsal too.  let me just say that when they were done, my dance-mom-friend came over to me and said “are you okay?”.  she didn’t believe me when i told her not much would happen.  luckily, she surprised us that evening!):

here we are at RenFest.  i’ll spare you the picture of her diverting her eyes and sucking her fingers because the acrobats were on stilts.  here she really had a blast on the pirate swing.  we all even lost our belly a bit at the beginning.  she had fun riding next to michaela!


next up:  the braves game and swim lessons (ohmigod why did i forget my camera???????  i should be fired as a mother)


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