fun summer

so, yes. we’ve been busy!  busy having lots of fun.

right after jovie’s recital, she took 2 weeks of swim lessons, and really impressed us!  she’s not yet able to swim completely on her own, but you know what??  she goes underwater.  on purpose.  and is really improving every time she gets out there!  she had a blast.  and i can kick myself for not having any pictures of her with coach whitney.

i knew it would go better than last year-  but then, it pretty much HAD to.  just by default!  (and now, after perusing my archives, i see i never documented that segment of un-fun.  suffice it to say, we changed a few things this year- and she got a year older.  it was great!)


then, we went to jovie’s first Braves game on The Mr.’s birthday.  we all had a good time.  i taught jovie when to clap, and she actually did clap and cheer.  even putting her wealth of food down to do so.

we had perfect weather for a saturday afternoon (4pm) game.  it was perfectly cloudy, wonderfully cool-ish (not at all like the temps these days) and lots of food.  guess she figured out early the fun reasons to see sporting events.  we actually pass the stadium on the way to the zoo, and the last few times she has said “that’s where we get to go when i’m older!”  so we thought she would have a good time.

we are even gonna try to go back in the fall! (hey, gramma & grampa, wanna come?)


then we had a nice father’s day.  have spent many days in the pool (with dad, mostly), playdates, open gym, library time, and what jovie likes to tell a lot of people about is that we have been doing “mommy school”.

i miss teaching.  and i’ve been getting out some of my manipulative games & assorted crafts & activities to pass our summer.  it’s good for me to use these many manipulative sets i bought fresh out of college…. and didn’t even use all of them with my gaggle of 1st graders!  (too hard to supervise, as you might imagine).  jovie is enjoying it, and always asks “is today mommy school?”  and “what letter will it be today?”

i make up a crazy name to go with the correct letter.  that’s what she always asks first!


on top of all this, i got to have my OWN fun in asheville with my bff becky for our 3rd annual girls’ weekend.  where i flew thru the trees at navitat canopy adventures!  (a BLAST).   [The Mr. & i are even considering doing the wrightwood, ca course this fall for our trip!]

when i got back, it was time to repack and venture down south for a long awaited & much enjoyed visit to the naples area in Florida to visit my sisters.  (if you’ve followed this blog, you see Aunt Barbara comments OFTEN that we gotta get down there).

that deserves a post in itself….  we will see….. we DO have a birthday (!!!!!) to prepare for.


5 Responses to fun summer

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Name the day and time of game and we’ll be there!

  2. Aunt Barb says:

    Loved the visit….loved the surprise..hope you make it down again soon. Hope J has a great birthday
    Love you guys

  3. Meredith says:

    Glad the swimming lessons went well. A year made a big difference for us as well.

  4. […] actually, this happens to be our 2nd beach trip this summer.  oh yeah! i never did write about our trip to florida!!  […]

  5. […] equally as excited for summer to be here for all of the fun we’ll have- including “mommy school“and she’s constantly wanting summer to be here so she can be five.  (don’t rush […]

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