by the time i write this post, jovie’ll be much closer to 4 1/2…  it seems i always have to apologize about not getting her bday pix up on the blog soon…  between working on her video, and working on her photobook i make each year, i get so bogged down, side-tracked, and then general “i need a break from pictures!”

but rest assured, we had a good birthday weekend!

as usual, her bday celebrations tend to get drawn out longer than just a day.  and the fact that her birthday was a monday this year really threw me for a loop and just got everything started even earlier!

well, first of all, i decided to do a RainbowFish themed party, thanks to inspiration i got from Christina’s FABULOUS photo-shoot (that i will be talking about til’ she’s 33, apparently).—-  if you haven’t ever clicked that link, really- you should.  not just b/c i’m a proud mom, but those pictures are amazing.

then i found these cupcakes to make, which were way better than some of the cakes i found to make.  which were more involved.  and i am partial to cupcakes at birthday parties…  individual sized cut pieces of cake, no fork needed!  love ’em.

however, no Rainbow Fish could be made without the sparkly scales.  so i came up with an idea to add the scale and had fun making these:

i can’t believe they turned out so well!

it was a fun-filled weekend, and gramma & grampa came in on friday afternoon.  our usual tradition is to get her photographs taken each year on her birthday.  we’ve been going to Portrait Innovations.  this year, i didn’t need a slew of pictures, well, because of the FABULOUS Christina!

however, i did want the traditional pic on the “4” block to add to my collection. & unfortunately, they are closed on mondays- her birthday.  we were already having her party on sunday, the 8th**, and i didn’t want to be rushed to get home for that.  so to be a part of our fun on Saturday, the g’s came in friday afternoon.  and they were awesome enough to babysit that night so The Mr. & i could go out to dinner.  i’m not positive, but i’m thinking a promise to get ice cream after pictures *may* have been what brought grampa down so early from working.
well, that, and spending time with jovie, of course!

sunday was the day of the party, and we went to breakfast as usual.  we played awhile and then got ready for the party.  i made sure jovie had a little rest time in her room, and when it was time to get out, she proudly handed me a little book we’d gotten from Chick-fil-a forever ago.  it is called “Fish, Jr.”, and since we had just displayed our Rainbowfish books, she was excited to display this one too.

it was a fun fish-themed party (thank god Pepperidge Farm makes those ‘goldfish’ sandwich thins!!) and all the little kids swam like a fish, indeed.  it was a fun time, and her friends (and granparents) were so generous and gave her a plethora of books that it took all week to read a new one!  she loves them all!  about 90% of the car rides we have taken since july 9th has included one of her new fun books.

gramma & grampa left on monday morning, and we went to our usual library time.  The Mr. takes her birthday off of work & we got to continue the tradition of going to a mexican restaurant for lunch.  we played and swam the rest of the day, and then after dinner, jovie got to open our gifts to her.  more books, the Cootie game and a scooter.  (and a bike helmet from grampa).  her great-aunt Julie gave her a pearl necklace, and that thrilled her completely!  she likes to wear it and be “fancy”.

it was a terrific weekend.  everyone was so generous & fun!

we loved it.

even Yiminy had to say happy birthday.

we’ll just pretend that all of her scootering looks this professional.

and, of course- there’s another picture i’d like to post. but it’s on my camera which is not available right now….

**yes, we all know, the 8th is her shoulda been birthday.


6 Responses to four

  1. Anonymous says:

    adorable! especially those photos by Christina 😉 hahaha

  2. Meredith says:

    Super cute cakes! And the scooter picture’s great.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jovie. You are growing up too fast.
    Love & Miss you,
    Uncle Bobby

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a great day. Great job on the cupcakes!
    Love, Aunt L-J

  5. […] way back when, after jovie opened up the last of her presents from us on her actual birthday, i read a book to her. […]

  6. […] for her 2 of her gifts were open in the morning.  one was a certificate for her to pick out a new scooter.  the 2nd told her what the day was going to be filled with.  we were lucky that yet […]

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