the beach! again!!

welcome to a belated post about our 3rd annual beach trip to visit my BFF Becky & her little one, Ansley!

and, actually, this happens to be our 2nd beach trip this summer.  oh yeah! i never did write about our trip to florida!!  wow.

so, i’ll just keep the words to a minimum and show you the great times we had.  The Mr. didn’t come with us, and actually because we did this, we ended up not seeing him for about 2 weeks straight.  that was un-fun.  but we made up for it with lots of our own fun.  see?

jovie got a kick out of dress up clothes!

after going to the aquarium, we took a rickshaw to lunch on the water.  that was really nice.  then a rickshaw back to our car so we could go back to the children’s museum again this year, but not before we could feed our girls to the sharks……


just like last year, the grocery store part was a big hit!

then we had a great day playing at the waterpark. while we were there, it closed for weather, so we even got to come back in the afternoon.

and, can you believe this??  i certainly can’t!

who is this girl???

that was the big slide.  there was a little baby one she did and had fun.  this one is the only other one she was tall enough for. we did it together, and it was MY first waterslide, too!  until i went down the big one (i wish i had gotten a pic of the adult one).  someone should put that in my baby book.

while we waited in between water park stints, we had lunch and went bowling.  i guess she figured if she could bowl 101, she could do anything.  there were bumpers, of course-  but she got 4 spares.  no bumpers were needed!

so much fun was had.  the girls really liked each other.  there were nice rainstorms, good eats, nice down time and tons o’ fun.  looking forward to next year…..




2 Responses to the beach! again!!

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Sounds like you had lots of fun. What great memories!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So glad the two of you had a great time! Sounds like she is getting older and much more confident in herself…. Go Jovie
    Love and Miss you all

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