completely logical

this is actual conversation from yesterday on our way to dance class (woohoo!!)

since dance is in the same complex as The American Cancer Society, when we drove by it it, i told her:

  • that’s where i used to work…..  before you were born.
  • when?  was i 2 months old?
  • no… it was before you were born.
  • was i one month old??
  • no.  actually, you were still in my belly.     <oh god…  woops………..shudder………..waiting….>
  • <confused silence.  for about 3 point 2 seconds>
  • Mommy??—  did you try to eat me?!?!

so very glad we were already at dance class.

*i am amazed at how even though she is extremely observant,  and somewhat fearful of things that aren’t her usual, she has never once asked anything about any of our 3 friends who have been pregnant and then had their babies.  (one friend has had 2 in jovie’s lifetime!)  large tummies?  no problem!   a baby suddenly appears at your house?  super cool!

she certainly knows her boundaries.

*so glad that, so far, i have been able to dodge the questions of her existence.


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