art week

way back when, after jovie opened up the last of her presents from us on her actual birthday, i read a book to her.

and ever since then, i had heard about that book, i lost count… i think it was somewhere between twentyhundred and a gazillion times.

the book?  Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist.
jovie was introduced to Fancy Nancy last year by her friend Miles.  and this year, since we’ve been doing more crafts & things, i thought it would be great to get this particular book for her.

no sooner did i read the book to her, (the day after her birthday party, mind you) and she was telling me that “maybe we could do that!”  in the book, fancy nancy spends all week creating art & then have an art show.

i thought it sounded like a FANTASTIC idea.  but it would have to wait til’ august.

so here we are…..

we had people over for wed, thur & fri a couple of weeks ago.  unfortunately, nobody could come all 3 days;  and some only came for one day, but it still was a lot of fun.  and great in theory.  no doubt we will reprise this next year sometime!  the kids all had a blast.

i only thought to get photos, tho, on friday- the last hurrah.   (oops)

so wednesday, i just didn’t follow the book- one little girl (and her lil’ bro) came over and the girls just painted big sheets of paper with watercolor.  i actually saved something j painted when i think she was 2, and i turned it into wrapping paper.  so that the idea anyway.

thursday, some other kids (2 families) came over & we collaged like Matisse.

friday, those same kids and another family came over and we splattered like Pollock.  then we had pizza delivered, read the Fancy Nancy book, and some of us stuck around to swim.  but not before perusing all of the art on our fence for the Art Show part of the book!

oh, and we had some yummy these:  (from Delicious Meliscious)

mmmmmmm goooey goodness

which were a BIG hit.  (obv!)

so here’s just a few pix i could manage.

everyone get ready to splatter!

so glad Anna the big kid was here. this one is pretty!

kids enjoyed writing on our wall.

it was so much fun, and i can see that as she grows it can be even more exciting.  and we can delve in a little more each time.  we will DEFINITELY be doing this again!




2 Responses to art week

  1. Meredith says:

    What a great idea! Sounds like a really fun week.

  2. kippy2001 says:

    That is awesome Chelle!!!!

    Love yall.Kip

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