a fair to remember

longtime followers of this blog will no doubt recall how many times we say we are legitimately surprised by jovie.  i don’t feel like linking them all.  but this girl who is wary of life new things can take other things completely in stride.

next entry-  the fair!

i have fond memories of going to the fair myself.  i took for granted that my fair was the actual State Fair.  going to these little local podunk fairs are new to me.  our town fair hasn’t resurfaced in a year or 2, and The Mr. & i have only gone one other time several years ago. but it’s a fun little diversion.  so when we heard the fair would be new this year and revived, i couldn’t wait to bring jovie, now that i felt there were some things she’d be able to do.  (like the merry-go-round).

recently she heard “rollercoaster of love” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers & asked about what a roller coaster was.  declaring that she would like to ride one.  and i told her the fair would be coming, and maybe we’d get lucky enough they would have a kiddie one.

then we drove by the fair the other day, before it opened, and she immediately saw the ferris wheel and thought that would be cool to ride.

all the while, The Mr. and i knew once we got there, there may be a few tears and we weren’t going to push her onto any ride.

hahaha. we didn’t need to.  no coaxing.  in fact, we were explaining that once she was on the ferris wheel, it may stop at the top, and are you sure you want to do that with mommy?  that was the first thing she rode!!  and she didn’t bat an eye.

floored, i tell ya.  after that, she did get to ride the rollercoaster (with mommy- b/c she’s too short to be by herself- thank goodness because that thing was jolty and she was sliding down!)  then we had a pretzel and some lemon-flavored sugarwater lemonade.  from there, she decided to ride the teacups alone (meant for children) and i was surprised she learned how to turn them.  she rode some other dumbo-esque ride (but it didn’t go up in the air) and even though she began to look a little pekid. she said she wanted to do it again.  (we didn’t … saved our tickets)

to end our day, she wanted to go back on the ferris wheel with all of us.

we were so proud.  all this on top of a day where she swam side to side across the deep end of the pool.  and at dinner, The Mr. & i discussed how things that need no preparation at all (a curious george movie, even) stresses her out.  but stopping sucking her fingers, potty training, water slides, death-defying feats at the fair…..         NOTHIN.

enigma for sure!

i forgot my camera, but here’s 2 The Mr. took on his phone:

this one made her scream. legitimate, i think, but a good scream too!

i hate to admit it, but i kinda think that $34 hour we spent as a family was pretty worth it.  looking forward to going back next year!




5 Responses to a fair to remember

  1. Meredith says:

    Very fun! Sounds like a blast.

  2. Anonymous says:

    that is really impressive! love it. she is so brave! and you are such fun parents!

  3. Anonymous says:

    the above comment is me. christina 🙂

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