that time of year again

i am very happy to report that jovie is back in her preschool program.  this year she will go 4 mornings a week.  with labor day holiday last week, she only went 3.  and in those 3 days, we had school, music, dance, a playdate, a lunch date, and i had 3 appointments myself.

so clearly, we’re back in the swing of things.

i don’t have much to discuss, because (as i’ve said before) jovie was born a displeased teenager. so i barely know what went down all week.  it does strike me, though, how different it is to just drop her off and be done with it.  Becky asked how her 1st day went, and i was all…. “great. … of course.  duh”  because- wow.  she’s really come a long way.  and when The Mr. asked how lunch bunch went yesterday, i was shocked that he was even asking.

oh yeah!  because transitions usually turn her around & wreak havoc.  oh yeah!  because i don’t have to have nerves of steel when i drop her off amid a buncha screaming and just walk away anymore.  oh right.  that.

here she is on the day of orientation:

thanks for this awesome dress, beck!

and here, on the actual first day:

thanks for the great outfit, michaela!

we are looking forward to another fun & busy year.  and believe me, i have been acutely aware all august that this just happened to be my last august with jovie- to enjoy a couple of extra days with her.  because next august??  kindergarten.  ohemgee!


One Response to that time of year again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Luck to the 3 of you. Jovie is getting sooo big. She is beautiful.
    Love and miss you

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