vacation details…. in pictures

warning:  it’s a long post…….

i can’t believe a week ago is when we came home from California.  i have been wanting to drive the Pacific Coast Highway for forever.  of course, the PCH did not disappoint.  we had a whirlwind tour of some beautiful (and dramatic) coastline, fantastic hotels, mountains, pastures, crops, amazing forests, small towns, oh! and some fog.

day one brought us flying into Ontario airport, which was conveniently located near where The Mr. spent his 8th grade year.  after picking up our car and making sure it had XM satellite radio (because, well…  coasts. mountains…. not ideal for your regular FM) we headed to the quaint college town of Claremont.  we had a nice lunch at an open air cafe.  then we walked around the downtown area a bit before heading to see Mt. Baldy, which was conveniently located pretty much in their old backyard.

can you imagine having this view so close to your house?

glad we didn’t hike to the top like grampa & The Mr. did way back when.

after exploring here, we drove outside of LA and continued on to Ventura Beach.

i cannot tell you how surprised i was about how little the downtown view was.

Atlanta looks just as big to me.

after driving through the city via highways, alluvasudden:  BAM!

it was pretty crazy.

here’s some Ventura.  Our hotel was right next to a sweet beach path which we utilized for walking to downtown for both dinner & then breakfast the next morning.  here’s my first tastes of the California Pacific.


the next day we decided to make a stop in Santa Barbara:

do not adjust your computer; this is actually a picture of santa barbara as we saw it!

that was taken from the pier at the wharf.  in my research for figuring out what to do along the PCH, i saw comments about not taking convertibles (only fun for like 10mins), going north to south gets you closer to the views & places to see along the way, no comments were made about the fog.  which didn’t burn off until right when we left SB.  add to that i decided to call jovie while making our way back on the PCH and the fog lifted, but i didn’t really notice.  till i turned around and saw a view of SB that was clearly clear and picture-worthy.  i figured i’d see another one.  but nope.  that millisecond i saw was all the SB i got.

alas, we trekked up to Cambria and stayed at the most wonderful Inn.  Blue Dolphin Inn.  I won’t give you a total review.  but seriously- if you’re in the market for this kind of trip, contact me.  i’d love to share with you about this “magical” place (that was for you, Christina!)

Moonstone Beach

hey, little guy


we had an exquisite suite that overlooked the beach.  we were able to sleep with window open and just listen to the waves rolling in.  for anyone who personally knows The Mr (who can hear cat-paws on carpet while he sleeps!) that in itself was amazing!

we woke up so perfectly… a great beginning to our 10th (tenth!!) wedding anniversary!

onward for our longest trek to San Francisco.  this was about 6 hours or so.  and here are some views:

ah, yes. that pesky fog, again!


luckily, the fog did finally clear around lunch time.  right before lunch, we decided to stretch our legs and go to a state park in Big Sur.  we thought we could have a little hike.  luckily, The Mr. reminded me to put on my tennis shoes.  this part was really cool:

yeah, that’s The Mr. and yes, he’s 6’3″

since this day was our anniversary, i made sure to look cute. with makeup.  which does not translate to hiking mountain trails.  in the sun. (the fog? it lifted!  hooray.) to go look at a waterfall that is sure to make this whole journey and the $10 parking fee so very worth it.  i mean, waterfalls are very much what we enjoy doing.  so of course!

wait. what??

(i’m not sure if that is drought-esque, or that’s just what californian’s call waterfalls.  but, ummmmm)

so by now, i was rather disgruntled.  mumblemumble.  the fog.  oh yeah! and i forgot to mention, when we got in the car for this long journey of our trip to see stunning views fog, we had the XM radio on (lithium, of course).  it played one song.  then….. stopped.  seems the rental car company wasn’t paying for it after that.

so 6 hours in a silent car.  i mean, we have been married 10 years at this point.  and together for close to 18.  we are not quite talkative all the time!  in the fog.  and hiking to see this waterfall trickle.   mumblemumblegrrr.

enter lunch.  at Nepenthe.  yum.  the delish burger [& prawn BLT], $8 fries (yes, you read that correctly) and very refreshing coke…  fantastic!  oh, and, you know…. this too:


so yes, we made it to SanFran and did manage some really nice views (the 2nd pic in previous post was on this day)

that evening, to honor our honeymoon in Paris, we stayed in a french boutique hotel (Cornell Hotel de France) which was so very quaint.  & we had dinner at the restaurant downstairs.  it was quite nice!

The Mr. & The Mrs.
10 years later

after waking up to the sounds of the city, we went to have lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf & explore a little on foot.  don’t ask about the trolley day-pass we bought.

we walked from one end of SF to the wharf. hills be damned.


alcatraz, mountains, and……… say it with me: fog.

it was an absolute gorgeous day.  we sat at a park and overlooked the bridge, a little.

see that ONE cloud in the sky? that is actually sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge. i mean, really? i couldn’t make this up!

click the picture & look closely. you can see the red legs.
it was gorgeous, still.

afterwards, we were going to take that trolley back.  we’d already walked up and down many hills.  some of them 3 times.  it was time to just go in style and relax….

that’s the view we had of the trolley that, thankfully, brought us up a really big hill.  right there?  it’s stuck.  on top of the hill.  3 seconds after the brake-man said “this one’s a big hill.  hold on.  it may be a runaway car…..”  we decided to unload part of the car and walk that hill down to our hotel.  right after i took that shot, i saw the passengers helping to PUSH it.  like a 1980’s toyota tercel or something.

then we finished the day by checking out of the hotel and driving across the Golden Gate ($6 re-entry!  soooo worth it)
and my camera broke.

so i don’t have footage of the amazing “airport” hotel we stayed in (Embassy Suites, Burlingame)

absolutely gorgeous.  and delighted me to no end that the SFO runway apparently goes into the bay itself.  so i was viewing mountains, the city, and AIRPLANES take off & land….  from my balcony.   oh wow!

for all the oddities of our trip, it all reallllllly paid off.  it was fantastic.  and we can’t believe it’s over already.


we came home, as i said last post, to a wonderful jovie.  who had impetigo!  and missed 2 days of school  (grrr)

do yourself a favor, and do NOT google “impetigo”  luckily, jovie didn’t feel poorly, and she didn’t look as bad as google would have you believe.  it looked like road rash or something, as if she had fallen off a bike.  on her face.

all is well now.  well, except for the fact that we are no longer in California.


to The Mr.:  i hope you thought to visit our site whilst on your vacation job this week.  we miss you already, and i wanted to get this up so you could remember our fantastic voyage.  happy anniversary (again)






6 Responses to vacation details…. in pictures

  1. Love this blog. Love the fog. I’m really impressed with the one cloud sitting on the bridge. Really obnoxious. But hilarious. You will always remember it!

  2. kippy2001 says:


    That is so cool…sounded like yall had fun!! I love how you post…you make me laugh and cry at the same time!!!

    Love you, and Happy Anniversary!! 10 years???!!!! WOW!!!



  3. Gramma & Grampa says:

    What wonderful memories you will always cherish.

  4. Meredith says:

    Love the red shoes!! Sounds like a fun time. Little Elvis likes foggy mornings – he thinks we’re driving in clouds.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary! So glad you had a great time.
    Love and Miss you 3

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