fall fun!

in full disclosure- there are not many pictures, because my camera broke again.  and of course, i bought the complete warranty (and have only owned it less than a year) and Wolf camera is out of business.  so now i have to send away to Sony.  which, well….  yippee.
i do have a few pictures to appease you.  this one, i thought was terribly cute, as it was her idea to wear her orange tank top for the clemson game.  when i suggested purple pants, she was all about it.  maybe this is why we beat Georgia Tech??

hey, aunt stacey- clearly these bows have come in very handy over the years!

and so far this fall, we have:

had a fun playdate with our friends where we made pretzel trees.  (god i love the internet!)

enjoyed an oreo by our firepit:

gone on another fun field trip (this time to Rock Ranch).  here she is feeling some kind of fur like the pioneer days:

“mom, this feels soft!”

went camping in our own backyard:

complete with roasted marshmallows & s’mores

and went to visit gramma & grampa again so mommy could fully enjoy her birthday by having an overnight date night with The Mr. who conveniently had work to do in Asheville which is an hour away from the g’s.  a blissful massag, breathtaking views & fantastic food makes for a fantastic start to my next year.

The Mr. & jovie came to watch me run my usual 5k race.  but afterwards, we had ballet rehearsal for a christmas performance.  later that afternoon, we were able to go to my friend’s annual halloween party and jovie had a BLAST.  that was 1st of 4 times she will wear her ballet recital ($$) outfit from June.  Hooray, she wanted to be a ballerina this year!  (and hopefully all the years to come……)

& surprisingly, the camping could not have gone any better.  we all slept in the tent all night long. (luckily, neighbor’s dog didn’t bark that night… and who knew?  there are coyotes and owls around the area, apparently).  jovie really enjoyed being outside at dark and playing “catch the buggy”  (remember that, potters???) and all the fun.  she was quite wired at bedtime, so i truly didn’t expect her to sleep so well. but she went RIGHT to sleep.  we definitely tired her out!

we will do that again, for sure.

fall’s just getting started, and it’s been fun so far!


2 Responses to fall fun!

  1. bocki says:

    seriously lots of fun this fall!

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