a quick one

just sitting here with a rarely-sick jovie.  i’ve been wanting to post about all the goings-on around these parts, but haven’t had a chance to do the post justice with great pics and commentary.

however, we enjoyed a fabulous thanksgiving with all of The Mr.’s family.  jovie had a fabulous time playing with her cousin sophia, and although she wouldn’t willingly hug/touch uncle nate, she certainly loved having him nearby.

jovie also enjoyed being in a dance performance of The Grinch last weekend.  except the Grinch scares her, even though she knows it’s just Will in a green face.  after she did her “dance” onstage, there was a part where all the little whoos were milling about.  the theme song of The Nutcracker came on.  and the dramatic music made jovie think Grinch was coming out.  so she promptly dropped her cup and ran and hid behind the christmas tree onstage & backstage.  she did return for her part of act 2, but she was quite weary that Will would come close to her. (she narrowly escaped).

but then on sunday, she wasn’t worried about santa at all!  we are planning a “proper” visit with him next weekend.

unfortunately today, she missed her soccer “class”.  it’s a fantastic program where it’s not like a game or rules at all.  just a bunch of games and running around to develop skills & understanding of soccer.  she’s been to one class. and she LOVED it.  but thanksgiving, a karate tourney, her performance & this mild sickness is hindering her soccer time!

this week wraps up her last week of the year for preschool.  and she is so very excited to know that uncle natey is coming down for christmas this year along with gramma & grampa!  she has been counting down the days.  it’s been nice!

hope to post again with some fantastic pictures soon….


3 Responses to a quick one

  1. Liz says:

    You have a great family and are a wonderful mommy! Did you catch the dance show on tape? That will be fun for her to remember when she’s older someday!

  2. Aunt Julie says:

    Love your blog but I would really like to see you guys! Someday soon hopefully. Have a great holiday..

  3. Gramma and Grampa says:

    Looking forward to the Christmas weekend!

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