and a happy new year

still haven’t uploaded my pictures.  sorry.

jovie (and i) were sick after christmas; but luckily she’s all better since sunday.  this past saturday we enjoyed going to columbia for Potter christmas (and a 102 fever; oops) and spending the night in the “omelette” hotel; which we didn’t get to indulge in because of said fever.

i personally spent new years eve alone watching the nail-biter of a bowl game (i can NOT believe clemson beat LSU.  the internet hasn’t invented a ZOMG term for that feeling quite yet).  i had to go upstairs and wake up The Mr. to tell him the news.

clearly, we are an exciting bunch around here.

today was spent indoors playing games & making chicken poppycosh paprikas since it was a rainy day.  the evening allowed us to watch Cinderella & have some popcorn before bed. (great new traditions, i say)

may 2013 be good for us all!


One Response to and a happy new year

  1. Gramma and Grampa says:

    Happy New Year to you all!

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