the first 2 weeks


here’s hoping 2013 has been good for you guys.  i haven’t posted recently, and thought i’d share some tidbits & photos of the first half of january.  i can’t believe i just said “first half of january”.  because 1.  “first half” reminds you that it’s half over!  and 2. “january” leads you to assume that it would NOT be in the mid 70’s.  alas;  welcome to georgia!

here are some pictures from “lake park”:



setting up "soccer stance"

setting up “soccer stance”

so excited!

so excited!*

*don’t let the excitement fool you.  despite insisting that she wanted to  “skate on level 2!” (which means roll instead of skate-walk) & having both Mom & Dad holding on to her as she rolled her way on a sidewalk,  she lasted all of 3 minutes.  the soccer ball & roller skates were relegated to the car so she could run and pretend on the path instead.

thanks for the blocks, gramma & grampa!

thanks for the blocks, gramma & grampa!

a cloudy yet warm day.  (one of the many)

a cloudy yet warm day. (one of the many)

and here, with a heavy heart, may i present to you with evidence that jovie is growing up entirely too quickly:

proof one:  the hair-do…

0021for some reason, when i braided her hair that way, they had a way of falling in front of her.  the little end pieces kind of curled up on their own.  and everything has a way of framing her face to make her look older.  and, no, the last year’s leggings did not hurt, either!

proof two:  the bedroom….   (if you’re anything like me at all, you may need some tissues for this one!)





okay, yes. so NOW we realize her room is tiny.  but it works great for her.  and she is LOVING it!

in fact, i mentioned it rather casually to jovie that we were going to change her room soon so she could help make her bed.  before this, she basically could just throw her animals on top of the bed.  you see that basket?  of a zillion animals???  10 of them at least were on her bed at all times!  something else The Mr. pointed out is that her dresses are now banging into the dresser that was in her closet.  dresses don’t grow….  except when they do to make room for the growing girl inside of them!

so i told jovie the plan.  and “soon” quickly became “last weekend”  because she begged us to do this immediately! so last sunday we turned her around & took out the dresser.  and we had to remove the rocker!  and incidentally, the baby monitor.

i’ll admit, i was probably going to wait until valentine’s day….

we keep telling her to slow down the grow!


2 Responses to the first 2 weeks

  1. Meredith says:

    She does look so big! I love the pigtails, and the big girl room!

  2. Gramma and Grampa says:

    She’s growing up so fast!! We love her “new” room. Can hardly wait to see it!

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