jovie doesn’t watch much TV by most kids’ standards. &  because of this (we think) and just the fact that she’s sensitive to life, she gets anxious at the most mundane things.

for instance, her first movie ever was Curious George- a very Monkey Christmas that we watched when she was 3 1/2.  there’s a scene in there that nobody would even bat their eye at- but jovie had a lot of distress because of it.  we almost (but not quite) had to turn it off.     [she has since seen that same movie 2 other times just fine]

the next movie we watched was Cinderella.  we watched it the night before thanksgiving this past year.  i was looking forward to sharing it with her because i remember seeing it in the movie theater with some of my sisters.  as i wracked/racked my brain to think of anything that would need caution…. i still couldn’t come up with anything.  she really enjoyed cinderella; even as she watched more than half of it facing the back of the couch instead of the TV.  still- we didn’t have to turn it off.          she was mostly afraid of the 2 cat n mouse scenes.  but even the prince’s father & duke stress her out a bit for their silliness.  and she didn’t like that those girls were so mean!       [we watched it on new year’s day, with better results]

yesterday it flurried.  it was freezing cold.  so it was a sunday where we wouldn’t go to the park or even run around outside.  we had hot warm chocolate, a piece of turtle candy (for meemaw) and watched her longest movie yet-  Tinkerbell!  i had it on the other night when The Mr. was traveling and noticed a coupla scary scenes.  we warned her about them & she wasn’t too happy about them.  but as The Mr. & i discussed with each other… i mean….  is she going to be 8 watching Tink for the first time??

she handled it well & enjoyed the movie. but i could tell she didn’t really understand what all was going on.  the british accents, the flurry of activity, and just the concept of fairies with certain powers and stuff…. it was well beyond her TV immaturity.  luckily, though, she and i snuggled under the big blanket & watched together.  and she covered her eyes a few times.  and when the hawk came, she screamed “mommy!i’m scared!”  but i will say that it was nice being able to share a movie with her again.

lately we’ve been listening to the Sound of Music CD i just bought & i’m wondering when she’ll watch that.  when i was little, i remember just watching the first half (of the looooonnnnnnngggggg movie that it is!) so i bet we’ll do that soon.  just as soon as we re-connect our VCR to the TV.  [i’m pretty sure when i watched in college is when i found out they got married.  seems like my parents just watched the good songs!]

on Saturday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday by having green eggs & ham again for breakfast.  and we read only Seuss books that day (and yesterday too).  and of course i forgot to get Green Eggs & Ham in my Netflix Q to come in time… so i searched for streaming Seuss.  The Lorax is rated PG (no thanks) and nothing else was streaming…. until i found this gem:

The Cat in the Hat Live!  it was so awesome- i highly recommend it to anyone with or without children.  they did a marvelous job.  jovie didn’t really understand the whole “play” of it.  she expected it to be more like The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That (from PBS).  but she really enjoyed it once she got used to the Cat without the white face.

all these words deserve a picture. but i was too busy being cuddled up on the chair under the big blanket.  her face didn’t look quite as awesome as when she watches the PBS Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  but it was fun, nonetheless.maybe it’s worth 1/100oth of a picture?               surely.


2 Responses to movies

  1. merediths says:

    We’ve seen that play, too! We loved it, but the boys barely paid any attention to it at all. I think it was too much like the book, and it confused them.

  2. kippy2001 says:

    Sounds fun Chelle,

    And I know what you mean about the sound of Music being so long! My kids watched it many times, but only the first tape. (yes that is the one with all the good songs in it) Still not sure if Morgan has ever seen the second part…

    Have fun,

    Love ya!


    Kiss Jovie (and Ben) for me!!

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