because i haven’t posted in awhile, i thought i would share some pictures that showed jovie on her wheels.

we went to a semi-local skating rink a few weeks ago for their “toddler time” where the littlies bring their ride on toys & use the rink for fun.  and when that fun runs out, there’s a giant indoor climbing playground for everyone.  hooray!  all this for $4.

sounds like a fantastic deal!  if you do the math, though, jovie’s entrance fee was definitely earned by the rink.  whereas most kids probably used up all the fun they could have for $4 and make each minute there be worth 3cents, i believe for jovie it cost $2 per minute of fun for her.

exhibit A:

0002this was probably 30 seconds of her life, documented right here.  the one and only time she used her scooter.

so then we brought out the roller skates.  which actually had a bit more success.  which, according to the timestamp on my camera, lasted a minute and a half.

exhibit B:

0004and C:

0006she looks like a pro, yeah?  totally looks like she turned around and all.  but no.

then i have video that i couldn’t convert/upload to show you just how much fun she had.

she looked like the expert.  for 7 seconds.  then she fell.  then she was DONE.  THE. END.

immediately got out of her skates and spent the rest of the time not at the indoor playground, but at the token machine right by my table.

that skating rink totally got their money’s worth out of us!




2 Responses to wheels

  1. merediths says:

    I understand about the falling, and not wanting to do it again. Little Elvis is that way. He fell one or two years ago, and refuses to skate now. And they even have little walkers at the skating rink now! He does scooter, though. That child loves to scooter. Baby Plum won’t try skating in solidarity.

  2. […] see, The Mr. & i knew that even though jovie has no interest in wheels, she would never gain an interest if we didn’t keep exposing her.  the next step from the […]

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