it certainly looks like spring around here these days!

i actually went away for a week, and when i returned, i was amazed to see our (one, lonely) tree went from completely bare when i left to full of leaves!  it’s been nice.

when the weather is cooperative, and The Mr. is home, we try to take advantage and have some fun.

first, there was this first:

to quote eddie murphy:  "ICECREAMMAN IS COMMMMINNNNGGGG"


where The Mr. splurged on this:

much to Jovie's obvious excitement.

much to Jovie’s obvious excitement.

(The Mr. knew she’d end up sharing much of that with him!)

then we all had a lovely day at Stone Mountain again.



and this time, she did more on her own, and i was able to speed ahead of them and get some good shots of her.  i was surprised at how much of the last steep part she did by herself!


but, she did it!


and we spent a little bit of time on top; where it was so so very windy!  she enjoyed watching everything, though.  and felt that the hike wasn’t challenging enough.  so, she wanted to move some of the boulders.




(no worries-  Stone Mountain is unchanged.  she was unsuccessful).

and last night we did get to enjoy our first fire of the season:

0066it was so windy, though, we had to scooch way back b/c of the ashes and such.

unfortunately, unlike last spring, The Mr. has been traveling a lot, so we haven’t gotten a chance to do a ton of stuff as of yet.  though, jovie and i have a girls trip with Becky & Ansley coming up,  then The Mr. will take a day off and we’ll go camping for the first time (not in our backyard) and then venture on to Florida (Aunt Barbara would say FINALLY!)

ohhhhh, summer will be here before we know it!


4 Responses to spring!

  1. Anonymous says:

    you guys are such cute family. will u adopt me?

  2. Meredith says:

    fun pictures! We haven’t had an actual visit with an ice cream truck yet. I don’t think they have them in towns this small anymore. The great weather is nice!

  3. Aunt Barbara says:


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