there is a lot of excitement around these parts.  it has been hard to contain over the last several months.  but it seems like there’s a lot more talking of kindergarten than i am ready for!

jovie is so very proud and excited to be a big kid.  and come august, it will be official!

these days we are finishing up her preschool, but i constantly hear about when it will be august.  she has her end of the year program tomorrow where i will get the last of my little memory books they give us from all the fun of the year.  and water day next week for her last day.  it’s definitely a fun time!

this past monday, we got to go to her NEW SCHOOL for a Kdg assessment they all do.  she was literally skipping in the parking lot to go to it saying “i’m so excited to talk to the teacher!!!”   (who knows what actually occurred once she was left alone; but i was told all went well).

and last night we got to go back to school for an Open House.  she had cautious fun, as is typical of her.

i was a teacher for 7 years. (i love first grade!!!)  and i can tell you that already in this very limited amount of contact i’ve had with our NEW SCHOOL… it is completely more open and inviting and exciting than i would have ever imagined!  (and i loved my lil’ ol’ school.)  i don’t know— there’s such an energy and it’s infectious.  and they are doing a great job of letting outsiders feel welcomed.

jovie’s equally as excited for summer to be here for all of the fun we’ll have- including “mommy school“and she’s constantly wanting summer to be here so she can be five.  (don’t rush it, kid)  i’m surprised it’s all coming here before i know it.  i mean….  wasn’t i just planning her ladybug party??

but really- let’s not rush it.



5 Responses to kindergarten??

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    She is getting to be such a big girl. We are so proud of her. She is such a joy!

  2. merediths says:

    I’m glad she’s so excited about school! That’s good.

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  4. Aunt Barbara says:

    looking forward to Jovie’s (oh yeah, you and Ben too) visit! love you guys…aunt barb

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