birthday fun

hey, y’all-  jovie’s still 5 years old.  and a week!

that means she’s creeping (ever so slowly, i hope) towards another birthday.       ACK!   speaking of which, the day after jovie’s birthday, at about 11am, she declared:  “i can’t wait til’ i’m 6!”

ay ay ay.

we had a fun birthday time.  it got dragged on for several days.  which i didn’t intentionally want but it did seem to make things go a little more smoothly.

it all began with a little innocent request back in february (!!) to have a princess party .  everytime she wanted to plan/discuss/talk birthday, i would tell her to hold off because i’m not yet ready for FIVE let’s enjoy FOUR.  but finally, someone blinked and it was june.  leading quickly into july.  so- time to face reality apparently.

when i decided to honor her request of a princess party, i began making a list.  sadly, i realized that even though Miles & Ethan moved away (sniff) we still knew a plethora of boys.  and 2 of her friends that are girls were both going on vacation the weekend of her birthday.  in discussing it with The Mr. we realized you can’t really have a princess party with just 3 girls! so he suggested we have the party on friday before our 2 friends left for vacations.

which means we had her party on july 5th.

which was awesome, because it let us celebrate 4th of july with the g’s for the first time in 5 years!

so i’ll back up and start there.  though there really isn’t much to tell.  fortunately for us we had gramma, grampa AND the lovely christina visiting that day. unfortunately, it was a rainy day.  so there wasn’t any pool time, & we had to grill in. fortunately for The Mr. the rain cooled things off & stopped for his (9th-ish annual) run of the Peachtree Road Race.

next morning we all (sans christina who went home) went to breakfast as is our tradition.  then we came home and set up and played with gramma & grampa.  they had been sorely missed!  stories were read. ipads were played.  pretending was done (and done and done!)  we all were playing the wait & see about the weather game.

at 3:30 it was bright and sunny, so jovie went swimming for about 15minutes before the first thunder-and the first guests- arrived.  so everyone came in and began to play inside.  then the weather passed, and about 4:15 jovie got back into her suit and everyone went out to swim.  for about 1/2 hour.  then it rained and thundered some more.  everyone wanted to wait it out so we grabbed the chalk and played until it passed.  it kinda didn’t.  so we all got dried off and dressed (again) and played inside.

it wasn’t ideal, but it was fine.  the kids were (plentiful, and) all well-behaved.  the adults had a good time chatting (over the din) and we had some yummy food.  we ordered a nugget tray (so glad- considering the weather!  no grilling this year) and some smoked wings which were all so delicious.  plus my traditional mac n cheese (princessy bowties) & some pink punch (served in “fancy” wine-glass cups)


so it really was nothing more than an elaborate playdate.  but a good time was had by all.  everyone enjoyed their cupcakes, but jovie didn’t seem to notice the pink insides i did for her.  i remember my mom used to make a poke cake sometimes, so i wanted to jazz up our cupcakes somewhat.  i mean, tiaras & crowns on top weren’t enough?


jovie got some really lovely gifts from many really generous people!  every bit were girly & fun.  princess & little girl were definitely a theme.  wow.  she’ really growing up!

rapunzel's gown. she definitely has the hair!

rapunzel’s gown. she definitely has the hair!


luckily we still had gramma & grampa here for the weekend.  which was completely low-key.  the cloudiness kept us indoors for the most part.  for one part of saturday we all ventured outside to sit in the cool air by the pool.  jovie changed into her suit and got in for a few minutes, but not too long- it was cold!  the g’s went home on sunday and we spent more time just doing a whole lotta nothin’.

the timing of everything ended up working out well b/c we had the weekend & a normal monday before the real birthday…


2 Responses to birthday fun

  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    HA! Click on the first pic and look at Brooks with the “wine glass”. Then tell me what you’re thinking.

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