july 9th fun

….and the real birthday was fabulous!

we actually had to wake jovie up a little early (i know! what are we? crazy??) so we could have breakfast (she chose ham scramble & toast) and get up into ATL by 10am.

since it was a weekday, and atlanta traffic is fairly insane and unpredictable, we gave ourselves enough time to be at the Cat in the Hat performance at Center for Puppetry Arts.

it. was. awesome!

The Mr. & i heard that this was happening back in late spring.  on March 2nd (Dr. Seuss day) we had a few activities to celebrate (this time, it was green eggs and ham for breakfast), one of which we happened to find an awesome adaptation of Cat in the Hat streaming on Netflix.  The Mr. & i really enjoyed it.  we heard that Center for Puppetry Arts (finally) got the rights to puppetize this show performed in Britain, and we wanted to go.

so luckily, it was still playing for her birthday and we loved it.  all of us had a good time.  in fact, afterwards, jovie proclaimed “thank you for taking me to Cat in the Hat.  i want to be a show actor when i grow up…. and a florist…..and a photographer…..”

so we went alllll the way up to ATL, and then we went alllll the way back down to Newnan to have her annual pictures on the 5 block made at portrait innovations.  of course we had our usual mexican for lunch.  this year we let her pick, and she said that’s what she wanted.  so the tradition has continued…..

we got home at 3pm.  it promptly began to rain at 3:15pm.

so, we did not actually get to swim on her birthday.

and we did a whole lotta nothing which was quite nice.when we came home, she wanted to change into her old ballet recital costume and hang out with her new ballerina barbie she got from her friend (Ethan- all the way from california!)  then she snuggled on the chair with some books and her one DS game (which she rarely plays).

jovie & The Mr. made flatbread pizzas for supper (wasn’t as yummy as everyone hoped) and i had a PB-banana sandwich (Mike P are you reading this???) and then she opened our gifts.  which was a tinkerbell costume, more books, a craft she wanted (and was delighted to see).  and a watch from her great- aunt julie.

she finished the day splitting a slice of chocolate cheesecake with daddy while i had a piece of chocolate regular cake for me!

and then there was a nice rainstorm to play in!

a fun day for sure.






3 Responses to july 9th fun

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday. And it looks like it was a winner!

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